Zelensky hinted at plans for the occupiers: “We are preparing a countermeasure – even more powerful than now”

“The main problems are Donetsk region, Luhansk region, Kharkiv region, Zaporizhia region, Kherson region, Crimea, frontline territories and the border of our state. We are analyzing the intentions of the occupiers and are preparing a countermeasure – even more powerful than now,” says V. Zelenskis. The President of Ukraine also spoke about energy problems. “We … Read more

Tragedy in Varėna district: a minibus ran over a man lying on the road

Today at 7:43 p.m. A Mercedes Benz minibus ran over a man lying on the road in the Varėna district, in the village of Naujjės Valkininkai, reports the General Helpline. Alytus county fire rescue forces were sent to the scene, information about the incident was transferred to Kaunas county emergency medical station, Alytus county chief … Read more

An oil storage facility is on fire in Russia

The governor of the Bryansk region reports that oil product storage facilities are on fire in the Suraz district. 80 firefighters and 30 fire engine brigades, including a fire engine train, are working at the scene. There are no reports of casualties. According to the rescuers, 1.8 thousand are burning. sq. m. area. According to … Read more

There is a huge fire at the Perm power station: a cloud of black smoke is rising over the city

The fire broke out in the Perm power plant (TEC-9) on the morning of November 30. Local residents interviewed by “Readovka” announce that “something is burning on the roof of one of the workshops.” According to unofficial data, 500 workers were evacuated. Mash reports that at least two people were injured in the fire at … Read more

The latest Horoscope for the week of Naglis Shulia: find out what awaits you

Find out what awaits you. Aries The working year at the end of the year has not yet arrived, and your inner state will not encourage you to work hard or fight for something, so you will tend to go along with everyday life. True, you can take the opportunity to go on a late … Read more

Tragedy in Klaipėda district: a car fatally injured a pedestrian

According to the police department, the accident occurred around 7:17 a.m. happened on the road Palanga-Klaipėda, near the village of Aukškiemių. The SAAB hit and fatally injured a man crossing the roadway, whose details are being determined. Source: BNS

In the video, Lavrov claims to be alive and well

The news agencies “Associated Press”, “Bloomberg” and Reuters announce that S. Lavrov has been taken to the hospital, citing Indonesian officials. According to Reuters, S. Lavrov was admitted to the hospital due to heart problems. At that time, the representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maria Zakharova, denied that S. Lavrov was in … Read more

Tragic findings in a liberated Ukrainian town – people tortured in torture chambers

“There are many stories about torture, bullying, many people were taken to Kherson, to Kachovka. Now we find tortured people, we have an idea of ​​where the mass graves are. Many stories and they are the same: destruction, persecution. The Russians kept telling the residents of the town: “Mykolaiv is about to fall, we will … Read more

Another weather record was recorded in Lithuania

The previous heat record stood for 45 years – on November 12, 1977, the temperature in Kybartai was 13.7 degrees. According to experts, last Saturday was very warm in the entire Northern Europe region. In Sweden, Latvia and Estonia, the air temperature rose to 15-16 degrees in some places. The reason for the warmth is … Read more

The video is heartbreaking: the grandmother fell to her knees after seeing her grandson back in Kherson

Here is Freedom sharing a video of a soldier running to his home where his grandmother lives. The woman, who saw her grandson and could not believe what she was seeing, fell to her knees, and the grandson jumped into her arms. “In this video, one of our team members enters his home in Kherson, … Read more