Mental health patients in Britain die of starvation and neglect

The Independent revealed that failure methodology in presenting care Basic physical in sections Psychological health NHS disease leads to patient deaths across the country despite repeated warnings from forensic pathologists over the past decade. An investigation revealed at least 50 “prevent future deaths” reports that coroners used to warn the NHS of common failure points, … Read more

The lobbies of mental health hospitals in Britain are absent from their directors

Director warned Psychological health In the NHS, its affiliated institutions and hospitals have told department managers to work seven days a week amid national safety concerns. Claire Murdoch, NHS England’s national director of mental health, said she was “shocked” to hear that some department managers in NHS Trusts and Trusts do not work or oversee … Read more

Iranian player joins protest supporters’ club

Another Iranian athlete, archer Parmida Ghasemi, has voiced her support for the country’s anti-government protests by removing her headscarf during an award ceremony in Tehran. The gesture appeared in video clips on social media, which fueled unrest sparked in September by the death of the young Kurdish woman. whsa amini After being detained by the … Read more

Earth’s atmosphere may be used to track dark matter in space

It seems that scholars outer space They have discovered a way to identify dark matter particles using Atmosphere For the earth itself. The dark matter [مادة افتُرضت لتفسير جزء كبير من مجموع كتلة الكون وهي توصف بالمادة الأكثر مراوغة] Composed of mysterious and invisible elements that are difficult to discover and can only be seen through their … Read more

Astronomers spot a “fragile planet” as a “marshmallow” candy

Discover astronomers A flying planet with a low density that is no more than the density of a marshmallow. The planet, called TOI-3757 b, is the most fragile of all. car planets Known, it orbits a cold red dwarf star at about 580 . Light year From Earth in the constellation Auriga. read more This … Read more

A black hole violates scientists’ expectations and escapes material from its grip

Astronomers announced that they had observed black hole It expels space matter from it in a way that has not been seen before. [والجدير بالذكر أن الثقوب السوداء نقاط تتمتع بقوة جاذبية هائلة، فيفترض أن لا شيء “يخرج” منها. لكن لاحظ العلماء خروج نوع من الطاقة، وكذلك فإن سخونتها الشديدة تولد نوعاً من خيوط الأشعة … Read more

A session full of surprises on Wall Street.

A volatile session I witnessedWall Street“, Thursday, October 13 (October), as it began a sharp decline in Indications After the emergence of inflation figures, which came higher than expectations, but they were suddenly reversed in the middle of trading, closing with a rise of more than two percent. “Expect the unexpected” And there is almost … Read more

The biggest scandal in chess history: details of cheating allegations that rocked the game

It was supposed to be easy for Magnus Carlsen, or at least as easy as a first-class chess match. When the world chess champion sat against 19-year-old American Hans Niemann at Sinkfield earlier this month, he had the chance to play the white pieces. [كانت له الخطوة الأولى]He had won a streak of 53 matches … Read more

Giant meteorite impacts changed the shape of the Earth

A number of scholars have claimed that you need Huge size collided with the planet Earth contributed to the formation of its continents. Recent research found that our planet was bombarded by a barrage of space objects in its first billion years of existence, which helped determine the shape of its surface. In fact, for … Read more

Why did the Spanish star Fabregas choose to join a second division club in Italy?

He fell Cesc Fabregas Yesterday, Monday, the first of August (August), the contracts to join the submerged club Como, competing in the Italian second division, came as a resounding surprise due to the great transformation in the career of the Spanish star crowned with the 2010 World Cup title. Fabregas (35 years old) began his … Read more