Watch – a new, more horrible MBC anchor photo leaked with Khaled Youssef

Beirut – Aseel Al-Ahmar – A picture of the Egyptian-Tunisian broadcaster, Rana Huwaidi, was leaked while she was performing a sexual show while she was completely naked, dancing to the Egyptian director Khaled Youssef. Read: Leaked pictures of the MBC anchor during her intercourse with Khaled Youssef – a photo Today, another picture of Rana … Read more

Watch a picture of the MBC announcer with Khaled Youssef, with a strong and very beautiful look

The YouTube platform published, during the past hours, a leaked video of the announcer, while she was performing a dance link during a summer vacation in one of the famous areas and beaches in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, and someone took advantage of this opportunity and filmed this broadcaster for more than an hour, … Read more

I watch a leaked scene of the MBC announcer during her sex with Khaled Youssef from behind..for adults only

The YouTube platform published, during the past hours, a leaked and forbidden video of a broadcaster on one of the famous beaches in Lebanon, especially in the city of Beirut. . The YouTube platform is considered one of the most important platforms inside and outside the Arab world, and it is the only platform that … Read more

Revealing the reason for the appearance of Tunisian Rania Al-Toumi and Shams Al-Kuwaiti with director Khaled Youssef (video)

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Tunisian Rania Al-Toumi and actress Shams Al-Kuwaiti appeared with Egyptian director Khaled Youssef on the red carpet at the Cairo Film Festival. Al-Toumi and Shams joined the family of the series “Sarah Al-Bati’”, directed by Khaled Youssef, in which a large group of art stars participate, and it is scheduled to be released … Read more

Rania Youssef is showing off again.. The transparent is part of it

The artist, Rania Youssef, appeared this evening, Sunday, in a new look through the Instagram photo-sharing site, where she appeared in a delicate, feminine look, as usual, and also bold. Rania Youssef wore a black and white floral jumpsuit, and it was detailed as befitting the Egyptian star. It was designed in a remarkable way … Read more

Enjoy your eyes.. Rania Youssef will watch you watch Al-Hatta Al-Vetlo, which is a baladi dance

Thank you for your reading and interest in the news about Mut`a Einak .. Rania Youssef will watch you watch Al-Hatta Al-Batalou, a baladi dance, and now with the details Aden – Yasmine El-Tohamy – Rania Youssef published a video clip behind the scenes of the series “The Game 2”, through her official Twitter account. … Read more

Tunisian director Youssef Chebbi questions the dystopia of the real world [Interview]

Between police investigation and fantastic universe, the Tunisian director Youssef Chebbi has put the small dishes in the big ones for his first feature film, “Ashkal”. The story takes place in the unfinished buildings of the Jardins de Carthage, a Tunisian district wanted by the former regime of Ben Ali as an upscale area of … Read more

Watch.. Lamita Franjieh outperforms Rania Youssef in a leather dress

The beautiful Lebanese actress Lamita Franjieh​, by publishing a set of new photos of her through her official account on the “Instagram” photo and video exchange site. and appeared Lamita Franjieh During her last photo session in Dubai, she wore a brown leather dress that exposed the chest area, and used a lot of make-up … Read more

Witness – Menna Shalaby implicated in the Khaled Youssef case

Beirut – Aseel Al-Ahmar – The issue of leaking pornographic clips by Egyptian director Khaled Youssef, and actresses Mona Farouk and Shema El-Hajj, continues to preoccupy public opinion and the public in Egypt. Recently, some tried to include the name of the Egyptian artist, Menna Shalaby, to implicate her in the case. Some claimed that … Read more