In the video.. Summary of Rania Youssef’s episode on the “Ramez Movie Star” program with Ramez Jalal

Rania Youssef, fell victim to Ramez Jalal’s pranks in the seventh episode of his programRamez Movie Star” on Channel mbc Egypt, and the Egyptian artist went through moments of terror because of Ramez’s prank, which he carried out with the help of Van Damme. Rania Youssef, victim of the seventh episode of “Ramez Movie Star” … Read more

Bassem Youssef’s appearance in the series “The Choice 3” provokes interaction and division on social networking sites

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The appearance of the Egyptian media, Bassem Youssef, in the series “The Choice 3” sparked controversy on social media, as tweeters were divided between welcoming this idea and rejecting it. Youssef appeared in the fourth episode of the series, in a scene taken from a previous episode of him … Read more

Witness: Rania Youssef’s ex-wife reveals the reason for his separation from the latter

Producer Mohamed Mokhtar, who is divorced from the artist Rania Youssef, revealed his relationship with the latter even after the separation, during his guest appearance on the “Bilkhat Al-Arid” program presented by the media, Iman Abu Talib. Mokhtar said: “I am now in a good relationship with Rania, and I have never abandoned my daughters, … Read more

Rania Youssef’s organ donation announcement implicates a famous doctor on accusations of harassment!

triggered news Announcing the donation of the Egyptian actress Rania Youssef to her organs after her death There was a great deal of controversy on the communication sites in Egypt, and some followers were laughed at, but what no one expected was that this announcement would implicate a famous Egyptian doctor and accuse him of … Read more