The end of the “Merkel era”: farewell with a youthful song and emotional speech

The ceremony takes place only a few hours after its own last extraordinary meetingsAngela Merkel recalled that trust is one of the most important things in a democracy. “The last two years of the pandemic have shown the importance of trust in politics, science and public discourse. But also how fragile it can be, ”said … Read more

“Girls Up to the Basket” focuses on high school leagues to show youthful demeanor

<!–enpproperty 353550952021-12-02 15:29:31.0《迎篮而上的女孩》聚焦高中联赛 展现青春风采 2124523资讯/enpproperty–> In recent years, female power has gradually received more attention in all walks of life, and women in the new era have more choices in all aspects. Especially the female high school students who are in their youth, many of them spend their youth not only in the classroom. Sports … Read more

Xue Zhiqian’s concert fans self-service chorus attracts surprises, high-profile singing golden songs are full of youthful

Source title: Xue Zhiqian concert fans self-service chorus attracts surprises, high-profile singing golden songs full of youthful memories A few days ago, Xue Zhiqian’s “Heavenly Foreign Objects” concert at Guangzhou Station ended successfully. As the interstellar executive officer of this concert, Xue Zhiqian continued to create surprises, showing his intentions in all aspects of stage … Read more

Consumption of these health supplements makes skin look brighter and more youthful

“Consuming vitamin C supplements is not only effective in maintaining the immune system, but also useful in preventing skin aging. The antioxidant levels contained in it help the body’s cells fight free radicals and help the body produce collagen, so the skin becomes more youthful,” said Project Director BPC Abram Bahar to the media, Friday … Read more

Sugarless Coffee Improves Memory and Makes Youthful | Obsession News

* Coffee without sugar. (Alodokter) Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in various parts of the world because it is the main source of caffeine. The benefits of coffee for the health of the body can be obtained by drinking it without sugar. The benefits of drinking coffee without sugar provide its own … Read more

The Egyptian actress “Nadia El-Gendy” with a youthful look in her latest photo session • Al-Marsad Newspaper

The artist, Nadia El-Gendy, shared her fans and followers through her Instagram account with several photos of her latest looks, and she appeared with a sporty look.Nadia Al-Jundi appeared with a sporty youthful look, showing off her grace and slender figure despite the fact that she has reached the age of 75, wearing a body … Read more

Online movie “Mortal Heroes” is set for November 26th, the story of the “new theme” of the young state focuses on the various living things in the epidemic era_TOM Entertainment

Today, the online movie “Mortal Heroes”, adapted from the real story background, announced that it will be broadcast exclusively on Youku on November 26th. As an excellent network audio-visual project of the State Administration of Radio and Television, the project film supported by the Beijing Radio and Television Network Audio-visual Development Fund, “Mortal Hero” has … Read more

Sophia Loren revealed the secret of her youthful appearance. Anyone can do it without any problems

Italian actress and icon of the film industry Sophia Loren became famous especially in films such as Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow and Two Women. Her secret of infinite beauty is one of the simplest and at the same time one of the most effective. When asked how she remained so beautiful until she was 87, … Read more

Youthful looks and remarkable agility … Nadia El-Gendy dazzles her audience in summer photo sessions | album

The artist, Nadia El-Gendy, drew attention to her gracefully by appearing in new photo sessions. With a variety of summer looks, Nadia El-Gendy won the admiration of the public, for maintaining her ideal weight and elegance. In this album, we review photos from the summer of “The Star of the Masses”, Nadia El-Gendy, and youthful … Read more