Off Side: [VER VIDEO VIRAL] More than 11,000 fans wanted to see the final of the Cha

Updated 08/27/2020 at 2:09 PM The end of the Champions League It is, no doubt, one of the biggest football parties. Last Sunday, August 23, its most recent edition took place, the protagonists being Bayern Munich vs PSG. Millions of people around the world vibrated with the victory of the Bavarians 1-0, but there was … Read more

Virals: [VER VIDEO VIRAL] Police save an old man from dying on the tracks

Updated 08/22/2020 at 06:18 Officer Erika Urrea, who belongs to the Lodi Police Department and saved an old man from being hit by a train After his wheelchair got stuck on the tracks, he spoke after the broadcast of the video viral registered by the body camera that he wears in his uniform during his … Read more

Viral: [VER VIDEO VIRAL] Young man recorded 2 hours without doing anything and causes a stir

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Virals: [VER VIDEO VIRAL] Woman refuses to wear face masks in supermarket

Updated on 07/27/2020 at 22:11 A video originally published on July 23 on YouTube by the channel Perez Hilton went viral when replicated in Facebook for showing the exact moment that a woman refused to wear mask inside a supermarket located in Beaumont, California (U.S), and even threaten to open fire on one of the … Read more

Off Side: A harpist manages to “hypnotize” a deer with his harmonious music and

Updated on 07/27/2020 at 08:59 Safety pin! A viral video shows the unusual moment that a woman lived when she played the harp in a forest in Montreal, Canada, and caught the attention of a deer apparently bewitched by her version of “The Sound of Silence” by the well-known duet Simon & Garfunkel. You’ll be … Read more

Viral YouTube: Old dog that was abandoned and tied up so that she does not escape shocks thousands on social networks | Paw 4 Hope | Animal Videos | Social networks

You have to see it. Through YouTube A viral video was shared that has captivated thousands of netizens who witnessed an unfortunate scene. A old dog It was abandoned by its former owners on a lonely street and, so that it cannot escape, they tied it with a heavy chain. The images did not take … Read more