The box office of the Spring Festival movie exceeded 6.7 billion yuan, ranking second in Chinese film history

Share to WeChat Open WeChat, click “Discovery” at the bottom,Use “scan” to share the webpage to Moments. China Business News 2023-01-30 15:56:07 Editor in charge: Hao Yunying Statistics show that the total box office of this year’s Spring Festival stalls is 6.758 billion yuan, ranking second in the box office of the Spring Festival stalls … Read more

An 11-year-old girl sold light-emitting toys at a stall during the Chinese New Year, earning 44,000 yuan in 13 days, and didn’t go home until midnight | International | CTWANT

An 11-year-old girl from Sichuan set up a stall to sell light-emitting toys during the Spring Festival. (Picture / flip from Xiaoxiang Morning News) Young, very business minded! An 11-year-old girl in Zigong City, Sichuan Province, China, proposed to her father to set up a stall during the local lantern festival during the Spring Festival. … Read more

Honda’s 11th generation Civic Taiwan debut time exposure!The price may exceed 1.3 million yuan

In November last year, Taiwan Honda announced that Civic, which had been away for a long time, would return to the domestic market and be imported as e:HEV gasoline-electric power, becoming the second new car equipped with a new next-generation electric drive dual-kinetic energy system after the Fit. Recently, the stage time has been exposed, … Read more

Spending nearly one million yuan to live in a villa… Parents saved so much that they packed “unused toothpaste” and even tied a broom to them to take away | International | CTWANT

Parents are so economical that they even take the broom with them. (Picture / Taken from Douyin / Mr. Wolf) A man surnamed Li from mainland China took his parents to Sanya for vacation a few days ago. Unexpectedly, when his parents were going home, they would even take away unused toothpaste and sauces, and … Read more

I was afraid that my 29-year-old daughter would not be able to get married, and my father urged me to marry “Don’t pay 90,000 yuan in salary.” I responded | International | CTWANT

A father in Changde, Hunan, China, urged marriage during Chinese New Year. (Picture / flip from Xiaoxiang Morning News) Many parents look forward to their children getting married as soon as possible. There is a father in Changde, Hunan, China, who urged his 29-year-old daughter to marry when she came home for the New Year. … Read more

Steam’s most expensive game “The Hidden and Unknown” sells for nearly 30,000 yuan, can be fully broken and refunded in less than 2 hours | 4Gamers

In 2023, the standard price of many 3A masterpieces will reach 70 US dollars, which has exceeded NT$2,000 in conversion. This price has made many players unbearable, let alone a game with a standard price of NT$30,000. I believe that any player will see it All of them are terrified, this game has been put … Read more

The Apple Trade In redemption plan is out, and Chinese netizens can get 13,000 yuan to upgrade the iPhone 14 Pro with the Redmi 10A

If you want to buy iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and other products on Apple’s official website, you can use “Apple Trade In Program”The 3C equipment that is idle at hand is used for discount and replacement. However, recently, there has been an event that the replacement plan has been outsourced on Apple’s official website … Read more

[Yuan Shen]Yaoyao cultivates a magnifying glass 🐰▸ Great luck in the Year of the Rabbit, good news for ordinary players with grass milk!The composition of the Blooming team is more flexible, and it is not afraid of nuclear explosions in the grassland if you increase your own strength. Talents/holy relics/weapons/fate ▹Lulolo◃ – Computer King Ada

[Yuan Shen]Yaoyao cultivates a magnifying glass 🐰▸ Great luck in the Year of the Rabbit, good news for ordinary players with grass milk! The composition of the blooming team is more flexible. If you increase your strength, you will not be afraid of the grassland nuclear explosion. Talent/holy relic/weapon/life seat▹Lulolo◃ 00:00 Chapter 👇 00:36 Role … Read more

Minsheng Bank sues the vice chairman and his company, claiming over 7 billion yuan in compensation – WSJ

daily economic news 01-21 12:06 On January 20, Minsheng Bank announced that the Beijing branch of the bank has invested in Wuhan Central Building Development and Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wuhan Central Company”), Wuhan Central Business District Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wuhan Central Company”), Oceanwide Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred … Read more

Earn up to 9 billion yuan! 300 Billion Internet Brokerage Leading Releases 2022 Performance Forecast |

Earn up to 9 billion yuan! 300 Billion Internet Brokerage Leader Releases 2022 Performance Forecast | After-Hours Announcement Highlights Focus today [Oriental Fortune: It is estimated that the net profit in 2022 will be 8 billion to 9 billion yuan year-on-year change -6.46%~5.23%] Oriental Fortune announced that it expects a net profit of 8 billion … Read more