Wang Yuwen’s new drama “The Coward” was launched, and the highly restored characters were well received jqknews

On August 8, produced by Ningmeng Pictures, co-produced by Youku, written by Zheng Zhi, directed by Zhang Xiaobo, starring Ou Hao and Wang Yanhui, and starring Wang Yuwen and others.coward“Officially aired.The play is adapted from Zheng Zhi’s original work.novel《Swallow raw“, once it was broadcast, it caused a heated discussion among the audience, among which Huang … Read more

Wang Yuwen’s “Just a Marriage Relationship” launches anti-routine female protagonist, citing expectations_china it news

On October 8, the urban fashion love comedy “Just a Marriage Relationship” was officially launched. The play, starring actors Wang Yuwen and Wang Ziqi, tells the love story of an unexpected encounter between costume designer Gu Xixi and president Yin Sichen. The two of them were determined by a paper contract as husband and wife … Read more