Zain Karazon pets her dog

People often have a special relationship with their pets, and so do celebrities. The social media star postedZain KarazonA funny video with her dog petting her. Zain said at the education center where she gave birth to her dog: “I am coming to see my daughter… I miss her… which I have been away from … Read more

Zain Karazon’s fiancé in an intimate picture with another girl… who is she?

Social media pioneers shared a picture of the Jordanian young manAbdullah KanaanThe fiancé of the social media starZain KarazonThe former accompanied by a beautiful young woman and an intimate picture with the comment “Keep.” The two appeared very happy, and the girl was hiding her face on Abdullah’s shoulder, laughing from her heart. Abdullah had … Read more

Zain Karazon raises controversy in a beach dress – in pictures

The Jordanian artist publishedZain KarazonA group of photos on her personal page on the social networking site, in front of one of the swimming pools, wearing a short white beach dress, and her hair was wet, and commented on her, expressing her enjoyment of the summer vacation: “If you intend to fly… Abandon everything that … Read more