Morisi: Salvini, I see a lot of homophobia on the left – Politics

On the Morisi case “it seems to me that there is an embarrassing voyeur operation”. He told Clean Air on 7 Gold the leader of the Lega Matteo Salvini. “There are no crimes, they are not political events. Whether one makes love to a man or a woman freely is his choice,” said Salvini. “As … Read more

Enrico Letta closes the party of the Unification of the Democratic Party in Bologna: “We will approve the Zan bill and the law on citizenship within this legislature”

Under the awning of the Nilde Iotti room, set up for the occasion, with seats and access with green pass, Enrico Letta closes its first party ofUnit as secretary of Pd, a Bologna. His speech touches on current events, fromAfghanistan to the vaccines: “Anyone who is ambiguous about the green pass is against the salute … Read more

Air referral on the Zan bill. Letta makes retreat tests

The front “either Zan or death” on which the Democratic Party has stood up to now is beginning to crack. Because of “dying in battle together with gays and trans”, according to the proposal launched by the passionate Monica Cirinnà (ie sacrificing the anti-homotransphobia law in order not to pass any changes) in many do … Read more

Ddl Zan, I listened to the debate in the Senate and I repented. But you have to understand why

I started listening the whole discussion in the classroom on the Zan bill, noting the most sensational absurdities. Then I repented, but it seems fair to tell you why. The intervention of Marco Perosino (Forza Italia) is practically an episode of Voyager. According to him, the text in question is even harmful to the development … Read more

Ddl Zan, Scalfarotto’s consistency: “The Northern League support Orban’s shameful homophobic law. But we are confident in a negotiation with them”

The difficult position of Italia viva on the Zan bill is supported by the deputy of the party led by Matteo Renzi, Ivan Scalfarotto, who at an online meeting organized by the Einaudi Foundation says: “Traditionally on these issues League e Brothers of Italy they have always had very close positions and right now in … Read more

Ddl Zan, Scalfarotto: “Remove gender identity and sexual orientation from the law”. And he gets the blessing from the Northern League Ostellari

The news gives it Ivan Scalfarotto, deputy from Italia viva and undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, during an online streaming of the foundation Luigi Einaudi. Scalfarotto first states that from his point of view the ddl Zan “It has no critical issues and I would vote for it as it is”, but then … Read more

Ddl Zan, the Senate rejects the suspension proposal by one vote | Salvini: “Without dialogue this law is dead”

Salvini: “Suspensive blocked for one vote, it’s a dead law” – “If Letta and the Democratic Party insist on not wanting to listen, talk and find a solution, the law is dead”. This was stated by Lega secretary Matteo Salvini, commenting on the vote with which the Senate rejected, 136 to 135, the suspensive question … Read more

The truth is that Fedez of the Zan ddl knows nothing (by Selvaggia Lucarelli)

I confess I was afraid to watch the meeting Fedez / Civati ​​/ Zan / Cappato because I feared the atrocious feeling that would permeate me later. And in fact the feeling that permeates me after having sipped an hour of Fedez is that we are always too severe towards Matteo Renzi. Which is what … Read more

Bill Zan, Bassetti: “No to interference but we hope that the text will be reformulated”

The CEI does not go back on the Zan bill: “We hope the text will be reformulated.” Three weeks after sending the Vatican Note Verbale to Italy, Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, president of the Italian bishops, speaks with Repubblica. Your Eminence, the Zan bill seems to proceed, albeit not without difficulty. Wasn’t the note verbale an … Read more

DDL ZAN E COLLE / “Read in trouble, now M5s thinks of a pact with Meloni”

Could it happen that the main supporters of the Zan bill are the same ones who end up burying it? This is the fate that could soon befall the Democratic Party. Letta continued, in the last few hours, to say no to the mediation proposal coming from living Italy: some amendments wanted by Renzi who … Read more