The government wants to debate the extension of the retirement age as part of the pension reform — ČT24 — Czech Television

“After 2030, the demographically strong cohorts will begin to retire. I think that in order to maintain solid pensions, we should debate this,” said Stanjura. Current pensioners and people who will retire by 2030 would not be affected by the increase in the retirement age. Stanjur’s plan to extend the retirement age again is also … Read more

Mothers are furious about the reduction of parental leave. They listed the reasons why it is not possible

Minister of Finance Zbyněk Stanjura (ODS) proposes that the length of parental leave be shortened. We were interested in what the parents themselves thought about it. We therefore looked into the comments under the article where this issue was addressed. The National Economic Council of the Government (NERV) proposes to shorten the period during which … Read more

Stanjura: Budget cuts would fall on the people

“The Czechia needs a solution to the structural deficit, there is no dispute about that. But the question is whether right now, even at the cost of further deepening the current crisis,” said the head of the state treasury. He also reacted to the statement of the former Minister of Finance and ex-chairman of TOP … Read more

Cash Only: Building savings will survive. Disrupting him would be a costly mistake

You are reading a sample from the Cash Only newsletter, in which Martin Jašminský, Zuzana Kubátová and Jiří Zatloukal comment on events in Czech business every Friday. If you are interested in Cash Only, subscribe newsletter. There are relevant arguments for and against the preservation of this traditional and still very popular form of state-subsidized … Read more

Commentary: Big political business in health care. The war bet a lot

The Minister of Health reports success. On his Twitter profile, he even reports in capital letters and with the exclamation mark “SUCCESS!”. What is he so attached to? On Wednesday, MPs approved an amendment to the law on premiums for public health insurance. SUCCESS! The House of Representatives approved an amendment to the law on … Read more

One-fifth of the gas may come from the west. But where to take it and how to get it here

You can also listen to the article in audio version. “Last week we succeeded in the auction and leased a capacity of two billion cubic meters of gas in LNG terminals in the Netherlands for five years,” Minister of Finance Zbyněk Stanjura (ODS) said on Sunday in Václav Moravec’s Questions. According to the Minister, the … Read more

When Putin closes the gas taps, he will help cow dung, Jurečka suggests

Russia closed gas taps to Poland and Bulgaria today. According to politicians, such a scenario does not pose an immediate threat to the Czech Republic, because it does not take gas directly from Russia’s Gazprom, but mostly through German intermediaries. Even so, the Czechia must start preparing for greater gas self-sufficiency. According to the Minister … Read more

According to Love, the Czech fight with the Russian oligarchs is not very effective. Leyer criticizes the government for the director of FAU – CT24 – Czech Television

Sanctions are intended to weaken the oligarchs, who are entrepreneurs who have become rich since the collapse of the Soviet Union and generally have political power. After the invasion of the regime by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Ukraine, Europe affected the banks, companies and property of the oligarchs. The sanctions list contains the names … Read more

Deputies knocked out the exit from post-Soviet banks, the Czechia will probably lose money

The Czechia will withdraw from two international banks, which are relics of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA). The News List has already informed about the intention in recent days. Today, the deputies approved it. The decision has yet to be approved by the Senate and signed by the president, then the Czech Republic … Read more

Comment: The provisional budget is coming to an end. Budget improvisation continues

The Czechia has an approved budget for this year, and since no complications with signing are expected at the Castle, we will soon slip out of the provisional budget. Despite all the reservations about the budget and the “survey” methods, this is generally good news. One could even say that it is really high time, … Read more