Zeng Zhihua-The chairman of the Jockey Club is “drooling” |

There are a few “complimentary” positions in Hong Kong, and many people drool and hate to do them, so they try their best to fight for them. The Jockey Club is a “club”, and many situations can be “black box operation”. In particular, there is a strange system, that is, the directors recommend the selection … Read more

Physician Zeng Juezhi – Farewell to nasal allergies|Health and nutrition| Headline Daily

“Dr. Zeng, I wish I had known you earlier. Chinese medicine is really amazing. My nasal allergies have not occurred for two months.” A 50-year-old lady said, and bowed deeply. “You’re welcome, it’s my job. I’m glad to see your improvement too.” I smiled happily.“At first, I just had the mentality that it would be … Read more

A photo with Zeng Guocheng in the past…Millions of Internet celebrities were blasted to kill many women “board game shop as a motorcycle” I confessed to reveal the truth | Society | CTWANT

Yu Shanghong was invited to participate in the show and took a photo with the host Zeng Guocheng. (Picture / recapitulated from Duoduo Movie Blog) Yu Shanghong, a well-known film critic on the blog “watch more movies”, was exposed to cheating on several women, and even used the board game shop he opened as a … Read more

The goddess suddenly posted late-night welfare photos! Zeng Guanting’s “Naked Spring Light, Closed Eyes and Soup” is a seductive picture that turns over the Internet | Entertainment | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Lin Mingrou / Comprehensive report ▲ Zeng Guanting shared many hot holiday photos. (Picture / Recap from Zeng Guanting IG) Please read on…. Taiwanese drama goddessZeng Guanting not only performed well in all aspects of the entertainment industry, but also made many friends in the circle. She likes to share her life through the … Read more

China Men’s Basketball World Preliminaries Sixth Window Training List Announced Yao Ming as team leader Zeng Fanbo was selected_Hangzhou Net

China Men’s Basketball World Preliminaries Sixth Window Training List Announced Yao Ming as Team Leader Zeng Fanbo Selected Hangzhou Net Release time: 2023-01-19 12:29 China News Service, January 19th. On the 19th, the Chinese Basketball Team announced the training list of the Chinese Men’s Basketball Team for the sixth window of the World Preliminaries. Yao … Read more

Chen Yi ruthlessly pokes Chen Weiling’s dark history! Explosive Zeng Ye with deodorant underwear sour “say anything for money” | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Entertainment Center / Reported by Huang Shengkai The “Art from Light” church has been controversial recently. Pastor Song Yimin and his wife Chen Weiling have become the target of public criticism, causing criticism from all walks of life. Then the couple held a clarification press conference on the 4th. Chen Weiling’s face was grim, sometimes … Read more