Tagesschau: great concern for Jan Hofer – collapse in transmission


Hamburg –

Great concern for Jan Hofer (69)!

Tagesschau's spokesman made unusually many errors in the Thursday night broadcast, worked in the role and had to support himself on the desk even during the broadcast.

According to the weather forecast, it should in effect moderate the transmission as always. Instead, he clung to the table. The show had to be canceled just before the end.

Kai Gniffke, chief editor of ARD-aktuell, said: "It may be that an infection from which he was recently involved has not yet fully recovered." Hofer is currently undergoing a medical examination. An emergency doctor came to the studio in Hamburg and took him to a clinic.

Shortly after, there was another update of the "Tagesschau" to Hofer's condition: "It was not good at the end of the show, but now much better."

Many people reacted with dismay, wishing for a speedy recovery on social media.

Late in the evening, Hofer also commented on himself via Twitter. "Thank you very much for the best wishes. I have just been checked at the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Hospital. No abnormalities. I suppose I can't tolerate a drug that I have to take because of an abortive flu today," he explained .

Hofer's recent (private) past was quite challenging, especially considering his age.

It was separated at the end of 2014 after 15 years. Relationship with partner Cornelia "Conny" Modauer, who was also his agent, had another son with his new girlfriend Phong Lan (37) in 2016.

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