The shock and disgust that crossed the Insep (Institut National du Sport, Expertise and Performance), in the bois de Vincennes in Paris, this Sunday morning. Maeve denmark, a specialist in the 3,000 m steeplechase and cross-country who is also a supervisor in the building of the miners institute in paris, discovered that three giant photos set up in front of the entrance gates of the establishment, had been soured by racist graffiti made with felt-tip pen.

On the first, the kimono of the double olympic judo champion, Teddy Riner, is barred with the word ” monkey “. On the second, representative Dimitri Bascou, the bronze medal winner of 110 m hurdles at the olympic games in Rio, the entry “nigga” has been affixed. On the third photo, the French player of wheelchair tennis Michael Jérémiasz parade at the opening ceremony of the paralympic Games in Rio alongside a volunteer of color. In front of the face of the latter, you can also read ” monkey “.

“A general attack against the sport “

“I was going to do some jogging in the bois de Vincennes around 9: 30 when I discovered these three pictures, tells Maeve Danish. I was deeply shocked. For me, it is a general attack against the sport. Racism has even less place here. It is so far from our values. Everyone is attacked through these insults and not only to the athletes present on the photos. I didn’t have my phone on me, but a athlete who was with me, took pictures and I sent them. I have passed on to the management of the Insep and shared also on Twitter where I wrote : You come and attack you to the great family of the French sport. This family groups together with our different cultures, our differences in skin colours, we share values that are much stronger than your IQ oyster. And yet even the oyster is smarter. “

Quickly, the new one has done the tour of the facility and the athletes, the image of the vice-olympic champion in modern pentathlon, Élodie Clouvel, have also shared their indignation on the social networks. In the afternoon, the direction of the Insep has decided to file a complaint against X as of Monday morning. In the process, she has written a statement in which Ghani Yalouz, the director-general, launching in particular : “We do not baisserons not the head, we will not give any ground to hate, cowardice and stupidity. “

The case has also reacted to the Sports minister on this Sunday afternoon. On Twitter, Roxana Maracineanu has denounced the tags of racist and recalled the struggle against racism remained paramount. “The images of these acts despicable and cowardly made outside of the Insep remind us that the fight against racism must continue. Do not lose heart our vigilance. All my support to the athletes and to those who feel soiled by these behaviors revolting “, she wrote.

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