Tajani “freezes” Berlusconi: «Leave the leadership of Forza Italia? He doesn’t even think about it.” And he relaunches the direct election of the prime minister

If anyone has doubts, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Antonio Tajani will dispel them. “Berlusconi said ‘I’m here’,” said Deputy Prime Minister a Half an hour more in the aftermath of the video message sent by the former Knight to the convention of his party. “He said it very clearly – added the deputy prime minister – he doesn’t think at all about leaving the leadership of Forza Italia”. Tajani then spoke about him on the issue of institutional reforms, a topic that will take center stage in the coming week with Giorgia Meloni’s “consultations” with the opposition parties. “The prime ministership could be a good solution: I see it more popular among the political forces, I’m pragmatic, I’m interested in stability”, said Tajani, referring to the system by which the electorate could directly elect “the mayor of Italy”, one of the hypotheses being studied by the majority together with presidentialism and semi-presidentialism. “I believe citizens have the right to choose their government,” explained the coordinator of Forza Italia. The possible new institutional arrangements will be at the center of next Tuesday’s government-opposition meetings. But the former president of the European Parliament puts his hands forward and warns the minority forces: if there is no collaboration on the path of reforms, “we go ahead just the same, then the citizens will decide by referendum”.

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