"Tajik Teddy Bear": the new lover of Volochkova has been identified by stinky socks

It seems that below it has no place to fall. But no, the famous dancer every time surprised. On the eve he smelled socks of "beloved man" that led the fans to nausea. And people will obviously get angry at what they saw on Nastya's social network page.

"Nastya, well, when will you reveal the name of your friend?" – write alarmed people. "Why open it? Mishka-Tagik … Or do you think he crawled through the garden the day before Abramovich and gave his feet to smell?" – experts respond. In a man whose smelly socks on the eve sniffed Nastya, they identified his new lover. Probably it is the relationship with him by Volochkova who says sarcastically: "From the back to the stomach, without pulling out".

Apparently, people are not mistaken in hypothesis. After all, the dirty jeans that are visible in the photo have been seen for the first time in the photos of the worker of Volochkova, which appear periodically. It was from him that they identified the favorite …

Although this is not an aesthetic show, obviously, it did not appeal to the dancer's fans. "Horror, are they now taking pictures with their legs to show love? Or maybe it's hands-free?", "Not only is it stupid, but now it's also very cheap! It's a good idea to think about it!" – commented what people have seen.

Volochkova hastened to justify himself – they say that the legs of the lover on his face are not smelly at all. "He smells of what he does not smell! Love! And your tongue stinks, somebody's legs are yours and my beloved legs are my favorite legs, and those sweaty ones are those that smells!" – Nastya replied to the enemies, and shortly thereafter entered into a furious bickering with commentators. Then many decided that Volochkova was drunk. "Nastasya, you're just like a port loader, barking with people!" – the artist has left the subscriber.

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