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Let’s take a look at NASA’s efforts with the first helicopter on Mars.

On April 11, 2021 at 6:30 p.m.

Even though the flight has been postponed from its original date, But this flight will be an important pathway for other future space exploration aircraft.

NASA’s Ingenuity, the first Mars exploration helicopter from NASA, will begin flying on Mars on Wednesday, the first of its kind to fly on the planet. Another one

After earlier, NASA announced the flight schedule in the evening of 11 Apr local time. But it had to be postponed due to a technology problem arising during the helicopter’s propeller testing.

NASA said it was investigating the system to diagnose and understand the problem. And will test again before starting to actually fly

However, NASA insists that the helicopter remains strong, safe and able to communicate long distances to Earth.

News agencyXinhuaAccording to Thomas Serbuchen, Scientific Executive Assistant at NASA Headquarters, said: “Ingenuiti can turn the world around as a leader of the future through flights like never before.”

Like the Wright brothers-inspired Ingenuiti helicopters, we continue to explore and experience and prepare for the next mission. Future expeditions will be able to learn information and be inspired by this mission.

Ingenuiti has landed on Mars’ Jezero Crater since Feb.18 with the Perseverance rover. (Perseverance)

It aims to demonstrate technology. Experimented with the ability to fly in an environment on Mars, which is 100 times thinner than Earth, in other words, Mars’ atmosphere is only 1% dense compared to Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, the impeller system is very important, it spins very quickly.

In addition, another difficulty is the communication slowness to control the helicopter, as it is a long distance communication from Earth to Mars. Therefore we are unable to control the helicopter in real time.

The data from this flight will be invaluable for future helicopters’ mission to Mars, and if the flight is successful, it will be your ticket to air exploration. And the development of new aircraft To be used to explore many other planets in the future

Photo by Handout / NASA/JPL-CALTECH / AFP


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