Take a look inside your iPhone 14 (Pro) (with these wallpapers)

Would you like to know what the iPhone 14 (Pro) looks like on the inside? No need to open! That can be much easier with these iPhone 14 Pro wallpapers.

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Take a look inside your iPhone 14 Pro (with these wallpapers)

The iPhone 14 is Apple’s latest smartphone. You have the choice of the iPhone 14of iPhone 14 Plusof iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. From the outside they look pretty much the same.

There are some minor differences. For example, the notch has disappeared with the Phone 14 Pro (Max), and you can now find it on it Dynamic Island. You will also find more cameras on the back on both Pro models and there are a few extra functions.

What they look like inside is not so easy to see. Opening up your own iPhone 14 is not a good plan because doing so will risk your warranty and probably yours too iPhone breaks. However, there is an easier way to admire the insides of all iPhone 14 models.

Wallpapers for every iPhone 14

BasicAppleGuy, an artist who often creates Apple-related wallpapers, has now created a beautiful wallpaper from an iPhone 14 Pro interior. You can clearly see the new A16 chip and admire the taptic engine.

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The artist started work on the wallpapers a few days after the iPhone 14 release, which were finally finished at the end of November. As a reference, he has the iPhone 14 photos from iFixIt used.

There are not only wallpapers from the iPhone 14 Pro. The backgrounds are also available for the other devices in the iPhone 14 series. You can even pick one of the accompanying iPhone 14 colors. The wallpapers are free to download and can therefore also be used as a background for your iPhone.

We have already listed a few for you. Do you want the other colors or the other iPhone 14 wallpapers? You can find it on the BasicAppleGuy-website.

iPhone 14 Pro Max binnenkant wallpaper

Download the wallpaper from this link (iPhone 14 Pro Max)

iPhone 14 Pro inside wallpaper

Download the wallpaper from this link (iPhone 14 Pro)

iPhone 14 inside wallpaper

Download the wallpaper from this link (iPhone 14)

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