Take advantage now of a great discount on this XXL mouse pad

This offer from Amazon is therefore interested in a large gaming mouse pad from Black Shark, a well-known brand in the field, model Manta P7. What mainly jumped to the eyes with this product is of course its large surface of 900 x 400 x 4mm allowing to cover a large part of the desk and to accommodate both your mouse and your keyboard.

The other notable element of the Manta P7 is its RGB backlit surround, which can be set at will via the press of a single button to alternate between 11 different lighting effects, including 7 static and 4 dynamic.

Beyond its size and aesthetics, this mouse pad offers everything you expect from such a product, starting with a smooth surface for fluid mouse movements. It is also waterproof, and therefore rather enduring in the face of the vagaries of life.

Finally, its non-slip rubber base ensures stability and rock-solid grip. So it won’t leave the surface of your desk anytime soon unless you really want to.

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