Take care of him: Marcelo Gallardo faces an unexpected problem if he has to replace Montiel, what happened?

River has had a starting line-up for some time that almost comes out of memory and when that happens it means that his present is good. And also, talk about how Marcelo gallardo seeks to consolidate a game idea over time. However, when making changes there are no fixed figures. For example, Gonzalo Montiel he is a very important player for the coach. But at the moment he has no replacement.

What’s going on? No quality players? The answer is a bit ambiguous. If there are replacements for the young winger. The truth is that at the moment they are not available. Since in the course of the week it was known that Jorge Moreira Y Elijah Lopez they must train differently because of injuries. Just the alternates of Montiel They entered the Millionaire’s infirmary at the same time.

On the youth side, the news was known this morning when he was separated because he could not carry out the practice normally. The medical body reviewed him and determined that he suffers from a muscle discomfort in the left hamstring. Meanwhile, the Paraguayan soccer player on Tuesday could not finish practice. After manifesting muscle discomfort in the right anterior rectus.

In this way, the Doll together with his coaching staff has to think of an alternative to supplant Montiel. If a setback occurs it is better to have an answer to avoid being at a disadvantage in front of the adversaries. Consequently, there are two answers in River. The first, perform an improvisation. Take a footballer and make him play in a position that does not belong to him.

The second would be to have a change in the scheme to hide the absence. And this could be solved with the return of the line of 3 defenders, with the sides raised to the middle of the court. Therefore, the injury of the substitute players presents a problem to be solved. And more in a technician like Gallardo that seeks to anticipate the facts, leaving no place for chance.

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