Diego Maradona at the Casa Rosada. The Gymnastics coach was hard on Mauricio Macri Source: LA NACION – Credit: Silvana Colombo

The interview that Mauricio Macri gave this Monday night left a lot of controversy, not only in the political sphere, but also in sports. The former president of the Nation spoke about everything and one of the titles he left was “Boca’s comparison with Peronism”. Too He referred to Diego Armando Maradona of whom he said he had to make the decision to kick him out of the xeneize during his tenure (he also compared Diego Maradona with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner) and the Gymnastics coach was not far behind and had his harsh response and denied to Macri through his social networks.

Source: LA NACION – Credit: Manuel Cortina

Macri, in dialogue with Joaquín Morales Solá in his program broadcast by TN expressed: “In Boca I had to do something very hard: remove Maradona. Today there is the same challenge in Peronism, separate Cristina Fernández from Kirchner, to irrationality. a rational Peronism, “he said.

And this Tuesday it did not take long for Maradona’s reply to arrive, who, through his Instagram account, was harsh with the former president to whom he denied it: “I ask the Argentine people to support this government. That they do so from their homes, from the networks. Because this government is not Alberto and Cristina’s. It belongs to EVERYONE. It is no longer the country of Ricachón and his friends. And to you, Mauricio, I tell you that you did not throw me out of nowhere. I was the one who left football, to protect the health of my parents. That was my decision, and I did not harm anyone. But for more smoke bombs that you throw, you know that YOUR DECISIONS screwed up the next two generations of Argentines. Take charge, dear. Your father already said so … “

Macri-Maradona and other clashes

Mauricio Macri came to Boca as president after staying with the 1995 elections. At that time, Diego Maradona was a club player and since then, the relationship between the two added tension, something that continues to this day in which neither of both are related to the entity.

It is not the first time that Maradona has made public his anger with Macri. In August of last year, he also posted on his Instagram account a photo of a cover of the magazine el Gráfico in which they are seen from the back with the title “Do they hate each other?”, Accompanied by the text that said: “Today I This cover of the magazine El Gráfico del 96 arrived. And it shows what after so many years continues to happen … “

In July of this year, in an interview with the C5N channel Maradona also criticized FIFA for giving a position to Mauricio Macri. “I spoke one thing with Infantino and he disappointed me. I see that they give Macri an award. An award for what? A kick in the ass you have to give him,” he said at first.

Then he added: “There are a lot of his friends who became millionaires. It’s simple, he has to go to jail with all his henchmen,” he added. And it was for more: “In this country we already had a pandemic and we Argentines knew that a hunger pandemic was coming. Macri stole everything and did not give a peso to the new national state,” the Gymnastics coach closed.

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