take it or not? The reviewer answers


He frankly walked along the main advantages and disadvantages of "Japanese" compared to modern realities.

On his DIMAspeak channel, the car enthusiast decided to figure out whether to buy a used Nissan X-Trail in 2019 or if it's been a long time. "The cunning" seems to the driver a completely ambiguous car, because there are too many positive qualities that overlap quite seriously with an extensive list of different "jambs".

Brutal appearance, small overhangs, high ground clearance and all-wheel drive: everything literally suggests that it should be a full-fledged SUV, but the absence of a frame and all kinds of blocks clearly suggests that it is better not to show a & Car in serious off-road conditions: "So, that's it? is that? And I will answer you. This is a station wagon with greater background ability and nothing more. "

With against Nissan X-Trail with mileage can also include trim. The materials in Khitril are obviously not the most expensive, of poor quality: the plastic is simply made of wood everywhere, therefore, while driving, the driver should be ready to withstand strange strange rustlings and "crickets" around the cabin. It was in the body of the T30 on the Nissan X-Trail that a non-standard solution was applied: the dashboard was placed between the driver and the passenger, and this is also a cause for discontent by the owners.

Despite the fact that the Japanese brand claims to have done so for the driver's convenience, since the standard dashboard supposedly blocked the screen, and in the middle "you can watch and not be distracted by the road", most drivers don't have appreciated this decision: "Well, it's very scandalous, and really very distracting from the street". Poor sound insulation, a weak factory sound system, ambiguous suspensions – all this, the blogger is convinced, is a serious defect that one does not want to endure in 2019.

Summing up, the author of the video stated that he cannot recommend buying a used Nissan X-Trail T30 now, because there are enough controversial points for a driver unprepared to feel only discomfort from the Japanese bestseller. At the same time, if there is a possibility and a desire, all the "jambs" of the machine can be remembered, and only then will it be possible to understand why everyone loved it so much.



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