Taktarov praised the chances of Nurmagomedov in a duel with Gotzhi: Sport: Lenta.ru

Former mixed-style fighter (MMA) and film actor Oleg Taktarov spoke about the chances of Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov in a duel with American Justin Gatzhi. His words are Sport24.

“The question is psychology. On some rival you are psychologically obsessed. Gatgy is a disciplined guy. At least you know what to tune in and what to expect, ”Taktarov counted. In his opinion, an American can become an unpleasant rival for Nurmagomedov.

On May 10, Gatzha defeated compatriot Tony Ferguson in the main fight of the UFC 249. The American interrupted the unbeaten run of the former interim champion of 12 victories. In addition, Gatzy himself took possession of the interim title.

Nurmagomedov commented on the outcome of the match, saying that in MMA there will always be fighters who are hungry for victories who “breathe in the back”. Gatzy said he was “eager to face the main challenge in the person of Habib.”

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