Taliban Attends Organization of Islamic Cooperation Summit, Praises Saudi Arabia’s Role


Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Sardar Ahmed Khan Shakib. Photo/arab news

ISLAMABAD – The Afghan envoy to Pakistan praised the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OKI) for working to connect the country with the outside world. He also praised Saudi Arabia for its important humanitarian aid.

Afghanistan has faced a humanitarian catastrophe since the Taliban took control in mid-August.

The situation prompted the United States (US) and other donor countries to stop financial aid and isolate the country from the global financial system.

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The sudden suspension of aid and access to banking has left nearly 23 million Afghans facing extreme levels of hunger and 9 million at risk of starvation, according to UN agencies.

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On December 19, the OIC held an extraordinary session of the 17th Council of Foreign Ministers in Islamabad.

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The meeting scheduled for Saudi Arabia focused on the economic crisis in Afghanistan and was also attended by a delegation from the European Union (EU), and the P5+1 group of the UN Security Council consisting of the US, UK, France, Russia, China, and Germany.


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