Taliban Chancellor Bans Women From Entering Kabul University

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New Chancellor of the University Acceptance the chosen Taliban, Ashraf Ghairat, forbade woman study and work at one of the leading universities Afghanistan the.

Through a tweet on Twitter, Ghairat said that women are no longer allowed to enter the Kabul University environment either as students or teachers.

“O all citizens, I give you my promise as rector of Kabul University: as long as a real Islamic environment is not available to everyone, women will not be allowed to come to universities or work. Islam is the top priority,” said Ghairat.

The new policy further clarifies the Taliban’s stance on curtailing the rights of Afghan women despite its promise when it reclaimed power in the country on August 15.

One of the staff at the university assessed that the Taliban had monopolized the values ​​of Islamic law to rule in Afghanistan.

“In this holy place, there is nothing un-Islamic,” a woman who is a lecturer at Kabul University told New York Times.

“Presidents, teachers, engineers and even mullahs are trained here to serve the people. Kabul University is home to the Afghan nation.” he added.

Not only women, male lecturers at Kabul University also responded to this policy.

“There is no hope, the whole higher education system is collapsing,” said Hamid Obaidi, a lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism at Kabul University.

“Everything is destroyed,” the former spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education added.

Ghairat was appointed by the Taliban regime as President of Kabul University two weeks ago. The 34-year-old is a loyalist to the Taliban, who often views schools in Afghanistan as “prostitution centers”.

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Ghairat’s appointment has drawn opposition from the Afghan teachers’ union. They had sent a letter to the Afghan government under the Taliban regime last week demanding the cancellation of Ghairat’s appointment.

Ghairat has also drawn criticism on social media for being judged to have less academic experience. Some of his classmates also described Ghairat as an extremist student who had a series of problems with female classmates and lecturers.

“I haven’t even started my job yet. How do they know I am capable or not? Let time judge everything,” said Ghairat in response to criticism of his appointment as chancellor.

Meanwhile, the Taliban’s main spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, tried to dampen criticism of Ghairat’s appointment. He called Ghairat’s statement about banning women from re-entering Kabul University “probably his own personal view.”

However, Mujahid did not guarantee when the ban on women from attending school would be lifted.

He argued that women were still not encouraged to return to work and school because the Taliban were still working to design “safer transport systems and environments where female students can be protected.”

On September 17th, Afghanistan’s new government under the Taliban regime ordered all male students and teachers to go to school under dictation. However, they did not mention the fate of the female students and teachers.

“All male teachers and students must attend their educational institutions,” the ministry’s latest regulation was quoted as saying AFP.

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