Taliban hang bodies of kidnappers in different parts of city | Abroad

“We have changed,” the Taliban announced in August when they took power in Afghanistan. But last week, a top executive of the movement announced that the atrocity sentences would return. We didn’t have to wait long for that, now that four suspects of a kidnapping were hanged this weekend in the center of Herat, in the west of the country.


Provincial Governor Mawlawi Shir Ahmad Amar said the men were killed in clashes with the Taliban after kidnapping a trader and his son. The two are said to have been rescued, according to the Taliban leader.

“Their bodies were hung in city squares as an example for other kidnappers,” he said. “They were hanged so that no one else would commit such a crime.”

drenched in blood

A video shared on social media shows a man’s blood-soaked body. The body is wrapped in chains and hung from a crane in the central square of the city of Herat. In the late 1990s, it was common during the Taliban regime to publicly punish people with whipping, stoning and amputation of limbs.

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