Taliban Will Use Monarchy System in Afghanistan

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Regime Taliban announced that it will temporarily implement the royal system in Afghanistan adopted from the 1964 constitution.

The Taliban regime’s Afghan justice minister, Mawlavi Abdul Hakim Sharaee, said the Taliban planned to introduce the constitution adopted by King Mohammad Zahir Shah with a number of amendments.

“The Republic of the Islamic Emirate (Afghanistan) will temporarily adopt the constitution of former King Mohammad Zahir Shah,” Sharaee said Friday.

Even so, Sharee emphasized that when there are rules and policies in the constitution that conflict with Islamic law, the Taliban’s interpretation will be removed.

Some 60 years ago, long before Afghanistan was occupied by the Soviet Union until it was invaded by the United States, Afghanistan enjoyed a brief period as a constitutional monarchy during the reign of King Mohammad Zahir Shah.

Quoted AFP, King Zahir Shah ratified the constitution a year after coming to power in 1963. Under King Zahir Shah’s regime, Afghanistan had a parliamentary democracy for nearly a decade before the kingdom was overthrown.

The 1964 constitution gave women the right to vote for the first time, opening the door to an increased role for women in Afghan politics.

Meanwhile, the Taliban are known to have a hard-line view of Islam and often impose rules that restrict women.

Since reclaiming power in Afghanistan, the Taliban have also implemented various rules that restrict women’s rights to work, attend school, regulate the appearance of women and men, and implement the death penalty and amputation for criminal violators.


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