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Even though the air conditioner is on in the studio, RĒD° Reid silently sweats, watching her pose in various unergonomic poses in front of the camera, as if to exercise the core, RĒD° Reid laughed I finally experienced the folding experience of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, and also took the opportunity to see the new vision after getting rid of the frame and bravely flipping. Although she is now called a female singer, but in fact, RĒD°Reid came from a dance company in the past, so these difficult moves are not difficult for her, but when she stepped into the field of music, she gradually heard from her. “It’s too late to start” and “It’s hard to do it.” RĒD° Reid also responded generously: “I always pay more attention to the process than the result. I also like all kinds of different challenges, just like I danced from the beginning to touch. Host, and finally embark on the road of music creation. These step-by-step attempts will not be arranged for you, but in the end they can be perfectly connected together seamlessly.”

RĒD° Reid has a song called<慢慢來比較快>The discussion is also about the topic of thinking mode and the established framework. “In fact, creation is like this. Although everyone is moving in a similar direction, when people know how to see the world from different angles, it is what makes you. It’s you and I’m the key to me.” In today’s generation, people are afraid that they are different from others, but they don’t want to be like others. They always look for balance among contradictions. RĒD° Reid especially shared what she has learned over the years. “Zhe Xue”: “You have to start from the heart, as long as you know who you are and what you are expressing, when you sing it, you are actually different from others.” Samsung Galaxy Z flagship folding series is the same. , From the tablet to the folding, and then the folding into a trend, only these bold attempts along the way have constructed this new generation, a free angle, and also write you a “different” four-character experience.

The lightweight appearance of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G not only completely broke the standard appearance of ordinary mobile phones, RĒD°Reid also described that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G reminded her of the pocket Barbie that she liked when she was a child, and accidentally woken up when she was holding it in her hand. The heart of the girl was throbbing, and it also realized the wish that the mobile phone can be carried into the pocket without any burden.

Sharp-eyed, you should have noticed that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G has an additional cover touch screen, which can control music playback, check weather information and messages, and can also be converted into a selfie screen. The convenience has been upgraded again!

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“Zhen Xue” makes the camera angle more free

The folding appearance of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G is not only lighter and more cute, but also provides more variable usage modes. Of course, the most popular feature for women is the selfie function. Even RĒD° Reid, who is not very good at taking selfies, can get started as soon as he uses it! First of all, you can start the countdown Selfie than “five”, the folding model can also adjust the Selfie angle at will, the elevation angle looks more imposing, and the face can be modified when looking down, even taking pictures more freely!

The newly upgraded Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G has an external screen, so when you want to take a selfie with the rear camera, you can easily use the external screen to see yourself, no matter how you shoot it, it becomes easy!

The big girls just want the phone to be “durable”!

RĒD° Reid claims to be a very “big guy” with mobile phones, let alone scratching, grinding, or falling, he even has experience in soaking in water! If you are like her, please start Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G! Equipped with IPx8 waterproof rating, aluminum alloy body structure and super scratch-resistant glass machine, you don’t need to be cautious when using your mobile phone, and you can easily knock over a water cup on the table!

“Changeable” every day has a different surprise!

As a singer-songwriter, the mobile phone is very important to RĒD° Reid. When you take it with you at any time, you can record it at any time when you have inspiration, or when you need to check your own music or performances, the dual-channel speakers of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G are perfectly displayed. Dolby Atmos surround sound effects, and the Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen brings theater-level saturated colors, etc., have created a rich audiovisual enjoyment. In addition, it is surprising that even its appearance can be changed a lot!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G provides a variety of color shells to choose from, and the mobile phone webbing and buckle are combined with the shell in a very “trend” way. The colorful contrast makes the phone’s eye-catching index higher, and the usual shape RĒD°Reid, who focuses on street fashion styles, said: In the future, you can change the shell according to your mood and style. There will be surprises every day!

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