News Talks Festival Lamp announces program / Day

Talks Festival Lamp announces program / Day

Lamp calls on all those who have something to say and all those who are willing to listen to engage in a valuable exchange of ideas, sharpen their minds and broaden their horizons by acquiring unusual but useful skills and ideas. For four days and in the splendor of more than 200 events, the negotiation festival will be available live on the website and together in viewing places all over Latvia, as well as experienced in person – Lamps studies in Cēsis, Rīga and Rēzekne.

“While Covid-19 has posed a number of challenges to this year’s negotiation festival, Lamp has come up with new solutions to shine consistently bright. This year the festival will take place not only for two, but for four days, and it will be more accessible than ever! In cooperation with our great friends LMT Straume a Telia Latvia Lampai We will be able to connect virtually from anywhere in the world, but we will be physically even closer to Rēzekne residents and Rigans, because for the first time in the festival’s history we will be waiting for visitors not only in Cēsis, but also in several studios in Rīga and Rēzekne, “Ieva Morica Lamp director.

The themes and formats of the festival events have also remained broad and appealing, confirming that Lamp is a festival for everyone – there are no boundaries in interests or generations. Latvian, Russian and English speakers, as well as those who want to learn the basics of sign language, will find themselves here. Especially binding Lamp This year there will be practitioners, because in addition to global and seemingly inexhaustible topics of conversation (democracy, values, liberalism, nationalism, etc.), there will be opportunities to get very practical advice for a better everyday life, such as how to care for eyesight, how to be green, how to help a grieving person. Parents will be able to participate in discussions about mobbing in schools and children’s emotional health, how to motivate their children to play sports, or how to better talk to their teenager. Adolescents and young people themselves in collaboration with British Council Representation in Latvia, in turn, has a special program Short circuit, the content of which is created by young people from all over Latvia. But seniors will hear suggestions on how to better integrate into the labor market.

Future school, non-formal education, School 2030, growth for life, – Education is a topic that will always be relevant and will not be missed this year. In the lamp, thanks to the patron of the festival’s educational content Swedbank Latvia. Also culture and art, mental and physical health, economics and politics, environment and society, technology. All this – in discussions, conversations, practical workshops and lectures, as well as in shows, performances, participatory games and dates, in various formats in one festival covering almost all issues relevant to modern society and at the same time not forgetting ease, humor and entertainment.

Subject to all security measures, more than half of the festival events will take place this year. Visitors will be offered full-time studies in Riga (Light Castle study at the National Library of Latvia, Splendid Palace study, Swedbank Educational studio in Balasta dam), Cesis (Vidzeme concert hall Cesis) and Rezekne (Latgale Embassy Gors). Also, some festival organizers will open their offices, courtyards and other venues. However, interested parties should note that the number of places will be limited. Lamps You will be able to attend the studios either by waiting in line and keeping your distance, or by registering for the visit in advance.

Information about event attendance can be found on the festival website next to the description of each event.

Another novelty this year is Lamps official viewing places all over Latvia and elsewhere in the world – now everyone can apply for their own viewing place, so that in the middle of August they will all be gathered in a single Lamps on the map.


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