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Talleres and the 96 reinforcements of the Fassi era, last part: the 25 players who arrived for an international Talleres

The explosion of Andrés Cubas, the returns of Nahuel Bustos and Jonathan Menéndez, the surprise of Guilherme Parede, the Dayro Moreno-Sebastián Palacios duo. They were the high points of the total of 25 players with whom Workshops It was reinforced to play the 2018/2019, 2019/2020 Superleagues and the Professional League Cup (will start in mid-October), and the 2019 Libertadores Cup and the South American 2021. It is the third and last part of the detail of the 96 players that the president Andres Fassi brought to workshops.

It is about the post-Kudelka era, in which he was succeeded by Juan Pablo Vojvoda (he came from Defense and Justice) and, later, by Alexander Medina. Talleres reappeared in the international window when playing the Libertadores 2019 (he had played that tournament in 2002) in phase 2 and 3, before Sao Paulo and Palestino, respectively. In the local tournament, the best was given with the eighth place achieved by the “Cacique” team, which allowed them to qualify for the Copa Sudamericana.

On an individual level, the retirement of Pablo Guiñazú (now a field assistant) allowed the best Cubas to be seen top pin and recuperator; Moreno’s drop in level (who had made a good pair with Palacios, who had returned) gave rise to the definitions of “NB10”. The last great addition was the Brazilian, who contributed goals and assists, after a significant inactivity at Inter.

The arrival of the youth Piero Hincapié, Ignacio Lago and Matías Córdoba is part of the squad that will play the 2020 Professional League Cup, the South American 2021 and the League.

Workshops and a challenge priced in the millions | World D

Superliga 2018/2019, Copa Argentina and Copa Libertadores, 14 reinforcements


  • Federico Abadía. From Boca. He arrived for the professional team and only had action in the Reserve.


  • Enzo Diaz. He arrived in 2019, after playing in the National B for Agropecuario de Carlos Casares and directly had his international debut in Copa Libertadores against Sao Paulo. It was a bet that paid off and she adapted to playing with three and four in the background. She has played 23 games. She had some injury problems but has overcome them. Workshops bought it.

  • Miguel Araujo. From Alianza Lima and with a past in the Peruvian team of Ricardo Gareca, who recommended him. A season came and went. He alternated good with bad. He played 12 games and left.

  • Mauricio Toni. He played against Estudiantes de La Plata and Tigre and had some mistakes. He was on loan for a year.
  • Facundo Pérez. Another bet that came from Boca and that could not debut. He was the brother of Omar Pérez. He played in Reserve and then went on loan to Agropecuario. He is currently on the albiazul campus.


  • Andrés Cubas. They gave Talleres 50% of his token as part of payment for the sale of Emanuel Reynoso and then he ended up buying it. His youth (22 years old) and his level of Defense allowed him to accompany Pablo Guiñazú and, later, succeed him, after his retirement. The last Super League made him one of the best passers and recuperators. He was summoned to the Paraguayan team and was sold to Nimes of France, in this market.

  • Tomás Pochettino. He came on loan from Boca. The best was seen in the Copa Libertadores and in the last part of the previous Super League. Workshops has 80%.

  • Juan Mendez. It came in exchange for Carlos Quintana from Argentinos Juniors as a bet. Last year’s injury conditioned him. Until that moment, he had played the first 10 games. His total is 15 games and two goals. Now, he could reappear on the team.
  • Gonzalo Maroni. On loan from Boca for one year and without option. It did not yield. He played 20 games and scored twice.


  • Brian Montenegro. He suffered a severe injury at the beginning of his loan. He played little and left. Just four games and two more for the Argentine Cup.
  • Dayro Moreno. It arrived at the end of 2018. The first semester, with the Copa Libertadores included, was the best. And as a scorer, he entered people’s hearts quickly because his first two goals were scored by Belgrano. In the second season, he rejoined late and, although he started as a starter, he lost his place at the hands of Nahuel Bustos and had to reinvent himself as a game midfielder that could gravitate to the complement. He left during quarantine and early. The exchange difference also weighed. He played 41 games, scored 10 goals and gave seven assists.

  • Sebastián Palacios. Another experienced reinforcement who arrived for the Cup and tournament. His return was acceptable, but he lacked aim in the decisive games. That hand in hand in the match with Palestino.

  • Diego Valoyes. He arrived at the age of 21 and comes from La Equidad de Colombia. Workshops looked for what he did not have in inferiors with this end. He had the chance to play until Copa Libertadores. He just woke up now. Talleres bought him 80% of the pass. They say that the best of the Colombian is coming. A goal.
  • Leonel Rivas. Little and nothing the contribution of the down payment that came from Rosario Central. A bet that did not work. Played twice.

Superliga 2019/2020, Superliga Cup, Argentine Cup, eight incorporations


  • Joaquín Blázquez. He returned from Valencia in Spain and with a great projection in youth teams. He went to the substitute bench when Guido Herrera was not available and Mauricio Caranta took his place. He hopes to debut in Talleres. He is 19 years old.


  • Rafael Pérez. He arrived with 30 years, played five games and after some doubts in the first two he managed to establish himself. His loan is until December, and Talleres will try to renew it to be able to count it when he plays the South American Cup 2021.


  • Franco Fragapane. He came on loan for two years from Union and played all 24 games of the season, with three goals. At first, he played almost as a holding midfielder; then he gave his best. He had three assists, in addition. Talleres lent it to Fortaleza so that he can move and return with the level to play the South American Cup 2021.

  • Martin Payero. He came in exchange for Junior Arias, who went to Banfield. The best thing was his goal against Newell’s by Kudelka, when he entered as a substitute. He totaled 16 games and in most of them he entered the complement. He went back to the “Drill”.

  • José Mauri. An international level midfielder, having played in Milan and Parma. He arrived with the tournament started and formed a great double five with Cubas. After the preseason, he lowered his level and ended up being a substitute. Workshops could not use the option as it was very expensive. He added 11 games.


  • Nahuel Bustos. He returned from Pachuca in advance, days after the Super League. He started as a substitute and ended up being the Talleres scorer with 10 goals. Fassi will make a historic sale with the striker who reached the lower ranks, after passing through Argentino Peñarol and Huracán from La France neighborhood. There were 21 games, 10 goals and four assists, until the season was interrupted.

  • Jonathan Menendez. Another great return to Workshops. He came from Qatar already on loan for a year. He lost the starting title at the end, but left nine goals and three assists. He could not continue because the option was three million euros for 90 percent of the pass. He returned to Independent. He added seven goals and 21 games in his second step.
  • Guilherme Parede. The arrival of the Brazilian was also a success. He played seven games, scored four goals and assisted three times. Like “Fraga”, Talleres lent it to Vasco da Gama for six months to be able to have it in 2021.

Professional League Cup, three players


  • Piero Hincapié. Talleres paid a million dollars for half of his pass to Independiente del Valle de Ecuador. The defender is 18 years old, with international experience since he was part of the squad that was champion of the South American 2019. As a youth he is a starter in the Sub 20 of his country.


  • Ignacio Lago. “La Joya” by Almirante Brown by Isidro Casanova. Finally, the forward got a loan for one year with an option. He made his debut at the age of 15 in the Metropolitan B.
  • Matías Córdoba. He came from Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy and is 21 years old. He is a forward and already has experience in the First National by completing seven games.


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