Tammy Duckworth, will be Cawapres Biden who has lived in …


WASHINGTON – Senator United States of America (USA) Tammy Duckworth is included in the list of candidates for vice president (cawapres) from the Democratic Party to accompany the presidential candidate Joe Biden. As a child, this senator actually lived in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

With no ambition to become a running mate for vice president, the Illinois state senator said he would serve in any capacity to help Biden win a seat in the White House.

He conveyed this in an interview with the presenter “Fox News Sunday“, Chris Wallace, last week.

“How thoroughly have you been examined by the Biden team at this time? Have you submitted all of your records to the campaign (team) ?, “Wallace asked, to Duckworth.

“Have you spoken — a private conversation with vice presidential candidate Biden?”

“Yes Chris, you know, they have their own process. I’ll let them do it. Some of them are public, some are not. I’ll tell you she’s very careful about who she chooses, “Duckworth said.” But again, all the women named so far have been amazing, and I’ve worked with each and every one of them, and any of us can come forward and do the job. “

Duckworth said it’s all about bringing countries together to face the pandemic and challenges abroad.

Apart from having military experience, Tammy Duckworth’s multicultural background is his strength. He was born to a white US male father and a Thai-Chinese mother. (Read: Trump Starts Playing on Religious Issues, Calling Biden Against God)

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