Tampons and Green passes: here are which ones are valid, how much they cost and how long they last

Milan – From 15 October it will be mandatory to have the Green pass to access workplaces public and private. This was established by the new decree on green certification wanted by Draghi government to push a vaccination campaign that has reached the last mile. And while we witness a boom of first doses, as had already happened when, on 6 August, the obligation for indoor restaurants and museums was introduced, the problem arises of make it more accessible – in terms of economy and convenience – the swabs that detect the infection from Sars-Cov2. Because, by now it is known but it should be remembered, the Green pass is obtained through two ways: after vaccination (immediately after the first dose, because one of the novelties is that it is no longer necessary to wait 15 days as provides for the new Green pass decree) and after a negative test.

But here another question arises: which test is valid for the Green pass? And at what cost? Let’s see all the possibilities.

At the moment it is the most reliable test, the international “gold standard” for the diagnosis of Covid-19 in terms of sensitivity and specificity, so much so that generally a positive result of an antigen test must be confirmed with a molecular swab. It is used to detect any traces of the Sars-Cov -2 virus genome (RNA) in the biological sample through the RT-PCR method. This test has a very high degree of sensitivity and specificity, orssia has a high ability to identify virus-positive individuals so that there are as few false positives as possible and an equally high ability to correctly identify those who do not have the disease.

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Molecular tests make the Green pass valid for 72 hours, not made in the pharmacy and have much higher costs (from 50 to 100 euros), since they do not fall within the memorandum of understanding that has calmed the prices of the unsanitary ones.

More commonly known as a quick swab, precisely because the result comes after about 15 minutes, il test antigenico it does not need specialized personnelor. Unlike molecular tests, however, antigenic tests detect the presence of the virus not through its nucleic acid (RNA) but via its proteins (antigens). Reliability is not yet comparable to that of molecular tests and positivity in some contexts may require confirmation of the molecular test.

For the purposes of the Green pass, it is valid but after the negative result the green certification will be valid only for 48 hours. The cost is lower than the molecular, especially now that a memorandum of understanding that controlled the prices: 15 euros for adults and of 8 euros for minors. The tests will be instead free per citizens with disabilities or who are in a fragile condition and cannot carry out the anti Covid vaccination due to certified pathologies.

A circular sent today, September 24, the Ministry of Health specified that “i molecular tests on salivary matrix are valid for the purposes of Green Certification, while i salivary matrix antigenic tests are currently excluded from the common European list of rapid antigen tests valid for obtaining the Green Covid-19 certification “.

So, molecular saliva tests are valid for the Green pass and their use is “cleared” also for monitoring the circulation of the SarsCoV2 virus in schools and other limited contexts. However, the circular does not clarify whether the validity of the Green pass is thus 72 hours, as for the molecular oropharyngeal nose, or 48 hours as for the antigenic. Cost: similar to the molecular oropharyngeal nose.

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How do they work? To find out if you are positive for Sars-Cov2 it is enough suck on a cotton swaband (or put some saliva in a small container), for a few seconds. The saliva, then, joins the reaction liquid and the mix of the two things is put – in a few drops – on the test towards and itself. The test can be performed independently, without resorting to health personnel. Precisely for this reason and for the little invasiveness it is considered particularly suitable for children. And in the case of school screening tests, saliva collection can also take place with methods of self-collection at home.

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As mentioned, the ministry’s circular excludes antigenic salivary tests (which work with the same principle as the nasal ones, in search of virus proteins) from the validity of the Green pass: “The antigenic tests on salivary matrix are currently excluded from the common European list of rapid antigenic tests valid for obtaining the Green Certification COVID-19”. Also because “they do not reach the minimum acceptable levels of sensitivity and specificity”.

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