Tanya Fear: – Found in good condition

On Thursday last week, the British actor Tanya Fear (31) reported missing in Los Angeles. This was confirmed by the Los Angeles Police Department, according to BBC.

Over the weekend, Fear’s family created a Twitter user named @FindTanyaFear, as well as a subject with the same name. There they called for Fear, and came up with descriptions of where she was last observed and clothes, in the hope that people could help.

A number of foreign media wrote about the disappearance.

Monday night, however, the Los Angeles police come with good news. The actor has been found safe and sound and the family has been notified, writes CBSN.

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It is so far unknown why the actor has been missing for friends and family for almost a week. The family wrote on Twitter on Monday that they through the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted the police in Los Angeles, who then went to Fears home to check if everything was fine.

Fear should not have been home when the police arrived.

The press release from the family states that Fear has lived in Los Angeles from time to time for six years, to pursue a career in, among other things, acting and comedy.

The family must be resident in the United Kingdom.

Actor and comedian

Fear was reported missing on Thursday last week, when family and friends still did not get in touch with her. She was missing for four days, before she was reported found on Monday.

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The 31-year-old has been seen in a number of roles on TV, including appearing in an episode of “Doctor Who” in 2018. Five years earlier, in 2013, she played in “Kick-Ass 2”, in addition to several other small roles up through the years, according to IMDb.

In recent times, she has also been involved in stand-up comedy, and at the end of August she was on stage at Ha Ha Comedy Club, a popular stand-up scene in Hollywood.

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