Tarantino made comic: "He is undoubtedly one of the most influential people in popular culture."

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“Writer, illustrator and designer of graphic novels”: this is how he defines himself Amazing Amézianea French artist who has made more than 23 graphic worksalthough only a few have reached the Spanish market, such as Miss Davies, Muhammad Ali o Big Black: Stand at Attica.

Quentin Tarantino He is one of the most influential artists of this era. and of course, one of the characters that has left the greatest mark on recent popular culture. The graphic novel that Améziane presents is the director’s story, but not the classic anecdote about his work in a video store and how this forged the legend of Quentin Tarantino, no. Améziane puts herself in the shoes of the director, who narrates her own story. A story that tells itself, since it is the director who asks himself the questions that really matter.

It tells of his childhood, his past works, his present and his future. She reveals details such as her mother’s second husband’s influence in her life, her mother’s importance, and how cinema and comics provided a refuge for a young and socially maladjusted Tarantino. The French cartoonist does not make theories or assumptions, he tells the facts and is proud that the general tone for the dialogue in this graphic novel has been “60% real conversations from interviews with the director and 40% paraphrasing and combining other interviews from this”.

Just as in all areas of life there are influences that lead us to be one way or another, during the construction of the artistic personality one is exposed to styles that mark the work itself. In the case of Tarantinowe can take as an example los spaghetti western or the recognized -by the director himself- influence of the French director Jean-Luc Godardone of the most important members of the new wave.

In the case of Améziane, as he himself says, “the work of cartoonist and writer Frank Miller (Sin City o Dark Knight) It meant a before and after in his way of seeing the world of comics and himself, and it is inevitable to see this influence in Tarantino’s work as well”.

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