Tarasov justified himself for an emotional divorce from Buzova // Look

Dmitry Tarasov answered questions from subscribers on social networks and recalled the divorce from Olga Buzova. The footballer admitted that he broke up with the TV presenter emotionally and ugly, which he regrets. “There are mistakes that I, as a man, should not have made,” the athlete shared.

Dmitry Tarasov, answering questions and criticism of subscribers on social networks, recalled the divorce from Olga Buzovoy… The footballer did not argue that parting with the TV presenter was scandalous – and this is his fault.

During the divorce proceedings athlete took the car from Olga, which he regrets now.

“Everything was done on emotions, which I did not know how to manage then. There are mistakes that I, as a man, should not have made,” Dmitry said.

However, the relationship of the ex-spouses has ceased to be hostile. Tarasov shared that he was worried about Olga after her parting with David Manukyan… To support Buzova, he contacted her on social networks, wrote words of support and even made an appointment – with the approval of his wife.

Olga and Dmitry divorced at the end of 2016. Dmitry became the husband of Anastasia Kostenko, now a couple expecting a third child… Olga met with the blogger Dava. The couple’s relationship ended when the young man participated in the show “Dancing with the Stars”.


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