Tasmania Forest Fires: Firefighters Fight Uncontrolled Fires in Interlaken, Lachlan, Elderslie


UPDATE: This morning a BUSHFIRE near Bothwell in the Central Highlands of Tasmania remains at the guard level.

The alert is for the area of ​​Interlaken and Lake Crescent, south of Interlaken Rd.

Fires in Elderslie and Glenfern in the south of the state are advisory.

The Elderslie Fire Alarm Area includes Yearsley Rd, Grahams Creek Rd, Storeys Rd, Church Rd and Broadmarsh.

The Glenfern Flare Alert Area includes Moss Beds Rd, Top Swamp Rd and the surrounding areas and Lachlan.

Updated information is available on the site Tasmania Fire Department Website.

PREVIOUS: An out-of-control forest fire near Bothwell continues to rage, putting a small community in the central Highlands at risk.

Firefighters were withdrawn from the fire, which has a size of over 236 ha, just before 8:00 pm as it was no longer considered safe to continue operations in the dark.

Tasmania firefighters issued several emergency warnings for Interlaken and Lake Crescent telling people that the safest thing to do was to leave long before the fires broke out.

The alert level has been reduced to a clock and operates at 20.30.

"This fire could put Interlaken and Lake Crescent, south of Interlaken Road, at high risk within 2-6 hours," the message reads.

"Embers, smoke and ash falling on Interlaken and Lake Crescent could threaten your home before the main fire.

"The fire in these conditions can be uncontrollable. There will be no firefighters in the area during the night, as it is not safe. "


Firefighters still have to deal with 20 active fires throughout the state – 12 in progress and 8 on patrol.

Two inaccessible fires in the south of the state in Elderslie and Lachlan are not contained but remain at the level of advice as they do not represent an immediate threat to the communities.

TFS state fire controller Shane Batt praised the public for listening to the warnings and promptly reporting any new triple-0 fire.

"Fire agencies have responded to 15 new fires in the last 24 hours and with our quick response, they were able to control and extinguish most of them," he said.

"Fire hazard assessments similar to today will continue until tomorrow, with parts of the Derwent Valley and east of Hobart expecting to reach serious."

A fire in Glenfern, near Lachlan. Image: LACHLAN FIRE BRIGADE
media_cameraA fire in Glenfern, near Lachlan. Image: LACHLAN FIRE BRIGADE

A total fire ban will last until 2am on Saturdays in the municipalities of Brighton, Derwent Valley, Hobart, Sorell, Central Highlands, Glamorgan Spring Bay, Huon Valley, Southern Midlands, Clarence, Glenorchy, Kingborough and Tasman.

"The total ban on fires remains in place for the southern region and we again recommend people to adhere to this ban and not to light or light fires outdoors," said Batt.

"Fire agencies will have pre-positioned placement teams and aircraft to ensure that fires can be quickly resolved."

Hobart reached a maximum of 26.9 ° C on Thursday. The scorcher saw a new October weather record, with Hobart temperatures exceeding 25 ° C in six days, surpassing the five occasions in 2015 and 1991.

A high-pressure system on the Tasmania Sea will continue to direct warm, fresh winds from north to north-west through parts of eastern, southern and inland Tasmania on Friday, bringing temperatures to the low 30s and north-westerly winds of 35-45 km / h.

A very high fire hazard is expected for the north-east, central plateau, Midlands, East Coast, Upper Derwent Valley and south-east districts.

Hobart is expected to reach a maximum of 32 ° C after a minimum minimum of 18 ° C during the night.

"The warm and dry winds from the northwest will refresh Tasmania Friday afternoon, in front of a cold front to cross during the night and until Saturday morning, which will bring some welcome rain," said meteorologist Luke Johnston.



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