Tata Motors confirms that its battery factory will be installed in the United Kingdom against the aspirations of Spain

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The group Tata Motors has confirmed this Wednesday that it will build its new battery plant in the United Kingdom for a new range of electric cars. The company will invest some €4.6 billion and will generate some 4,000 direct jobs and as many indirect ones. With this decision, Spain’s option for the factory to settle in Aragon is definitively ruled out, a bet that the Government has defended until the last minute.

This was done, for example, last Saturday in Zaragoza by the Vice President and Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño. The same day Javier Lambanacting president of Aragon, wrote on his Twitter account: “Nadia Calvino has ratified today in Zaragoza that Aragon continues to have options for the Tata battery factory. The Government of Aragon began contacts in 2021 and convinced the multinational to come here. Between the two governments we are willing to invest 500 million euros”.

After learning of the decision, Aragonese government sources have limited themselves to saying that it met all the requirements demanded by the multinational. Not only did he give a positive response to all their requests, but he also received the approval of the group in all those aspects that were within his competence. Said source added that, from then on and for months, “the Government of Spain was the direct negotiator. We don’t know anything else.”

Tata Motors The company said in a statement on Wednesday that the “global gigafactory”, which is expected to be established in the county of Somerset, in the southwest of England, will be able to produce 40GWh of cells annually. The investment in the new facilities will amount to 4,000 million pounds, more than 4,600 million euros in exchange, and the supply is expected to begin in 2026, with its base customers Jaguar, Land Rover and her own Tata Motors.

The new factory will generate some 4,000 direct jobs and many others indirect. It will work not only on electric mobility but also on “renewable energy storage solutions for clients in the UK and the European continent”.

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