Tati Westbrook gives his reasons for the video he published about James Charles


The beauty influencer Tati Westbrook reappeared this afternoon on the YouTube platform with a video explaining the reasons for the publication he published last week about James Charles and which caused a scandal in the social networks that cost him millions of subscribers and made her earn double what she had.

In his new video, titled "Why I Did It", Westbrook indicates that he knew his published last Friday, "Hello Sister", It would be the cause of controversy, but the magnitude was not expected, not to mention the result.

"It's not a celebration of what's going on, if I could return the new success and the new subscribers, I'd do it, it's not for what I did," he said.

For nine consecutive days, Charles has lost subscribers, almost three million, according to the Social Blade platform. Meanwhile, Westbrook has acquired almost five millions.

Today was the first day that the number of nineteen-year-old influencer subscribers on YouTube is toll-free.

Westbrook, who was in tears during the video lasted just over 18 minutes, pointed out that "I don't want them signing up, I don't want to feel sorry for me It's not for me I don't need Tati team & # 39; Not I need nothing of that. "

About Charles, he indicated that he does not hate him and wants the hatred between groups on both sides to end.

"It was an awakening. (The video) I tried to reach someone I found unreachable and who tried to send the same message on many occasions, because it wasn't for one thing," he said. This is a lot of things that I haven't talked about, it's someone who has a reach of 30 million people on all their platforms and who are mostly children, someone who is losing the ability to be honest every day. ability to reach and say "Hey, I don't have a contract with you, I'm not your manager, I don't make money with you … I'm your friend, and I've seen you from your childhood on YouTube to what it has become. You're in trouble and you have to stop with your behavior & # 39; ".

"This was a last attempt to be a vocalist and to wake up someone I love, whom I still love, before they make serious mistakes," he said.

For Westbrook, Charles's career is not over. "I don't think it's erased, I think he needs help and better people around him, I know I won't be that person anymore (for him)".

He added that it will take time from YouTube and social networks. He indicated that he had already recorded several videos, which could increase in the coming days. He publishes his videos, in which he deals with makeup and beauty products, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 13:00.

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