Tatiana Calderón, the first Latin American woman who arrived in Formula 1: "We won a seat in the seats ...

Only a few days ago, the Colombian pilot Tatiana Calderón He entered the history books of motorsport after driving a Formula 1 and doing 23 laps on the Sauber C37 at the Hermanos Rodríguez de México Autodrome. "When I accelerated, I felt like I was on a roller coaster heading towards the void," the 25-year-old said in an emotional conversation. Infobae.

Having just landed in Madrid, where he resides eight years ago, and moved from the memorable event, he recalled his first steps in the automotive industry, the stones on his journey and the efforts that made him an athlete successfull.

"I think the the limits do not exist If one wants something and is mentalized to get it working hard, things always come. I would ask women all over the world to break up with the stereotypes, to leave all those fears behind and to dream big, "he said.

Calderon, It occupies the tenth place in the history of the women who drove a car of these, literally followed the instructions given by the engineers of the Alfa Romeo Sauber team with Xevi Pujolar at the head and surprised everyone with the results. However, the native of Bogotá, had already been recognized as the first South American woman to be part of the riders in the highest category, when in March it announced its incorporation to the Sauber team.

A woman in a place of men

Calderón is the tenth woman in Formula 1, including the Italian Lella Lombardi, Who until today is the only one who scored points in the "Grand Carpa", in the 1975 Grand Prix of Spain, a fact that will try to equal or even improve the Colombian.

to "Tati" When you find a passion you have to work hard for the prizes to get bigger. His goal is to continue to show that women are not physically disadvantaged with men in sports.

He also admitted that he feels more comfortable in an F1 car than the GP3 or F2 in terms of comfort and how it "fits" to the seat. And he stressed that motorsport is characterized by the fact that only men compete, but "is one of the few sports we can compete hand in hand and have the opportunity to show the world that we can also do it. "

Accompanied, as usual, by her family unconditional; his parents, his elder sister and manager, and his younger brother, the young woman proved to be at the height of the task. His undeniable dream is to compete full-time in F1: "It's been more than 40 years since there was a woman". In addition to successfully running a GP3 Series race in Abu Dhabi in November, his goal for next year is to reach the F2 and score a before and after in history.

"In recent years, great changes have been seen in terms of the woman in automotive industry. Little by little we gained our place in the highest positions in the industry like pilots and mechanical engineers, on team leader. We are going through a wonderful moment of women's empowerment, "he proudly revealed.

However, consulted by the difficult experiences who had to live on their professional training path, Tati remembered when his first National arrived with the parents of competing children They were angry because a woman broke the records. "If this" mechudita "beats them, I buy wigs for everyone", they used to tell their children mockingly. What they did not know was that this girl, with her work and her humility, would have made history in the world of motorsport.

Like a big one sports lover, in particular tennis, golf and football, from a young Tatiana showed a charm for the maneuverability in her father's skirt, and when she could, borrowed a Yamaha Pw 50 bike for her older sister Paula, perhaps responsible for starting on this path.

The eldest of the three brothers was the one who caused the girl to be trapped by her passion for cars from an early age. She, also a car fan, invited her for the first time to a hire go-kart track when she was alone nine years "We bought a round of five minutes, and that's all, it was the beginning of a life of dreams in which those minutes were enough to make me fall in love, "he recalled.

Almost as a necessity, every day at the school's expo took part in the Kartódromo championships Juan Pablo Montoya, in Colombia, where to win and humiliate opponents, whatever your kind, it has become a common currency. Until one day the people on the trail watching her suggested she try a professional kart.

Now Paula works like her manager and communication manager of his sister. Together they share a passion for cars, adrenaline and sport. "He also raced until he came to Europe to accompany me, I was not scheduled to be my manager but I took the whole budget," he said laughing the pilot.

For its part, the mayor held a dialogue with Infobae: "I think I'm very lucky to be able to help her realize a dream that we've both had since we were young, I have a deep passion for motor sports, I've been running for many years, I love marketing, advertising and what I do with my sister. the perfect combination. "

Without a doubt, it was one of the most important challenges of his professional career. "It was really incredible," he added, "better than I ever imagined, I dreamed of this moment for a long time."

However, he had no problems and showed that the previous work allowed him to be ready for this kind of physical request. The idea of ​​this test was for the rider to gain confidence and, little by little, to improve his time. But he left his mouth open to everyone present when he started to reach faster records those of Fernando Alonso and Sergio Pérez in competition.

The Calderón experience in Mexico has marked a before and after in his pilot career, because he had the opportunity to drive a first-class car, he did it with skill and, according to engineers Sauber, if he trains regularly with a car like the one he used yesterday it will improve a lot. "This day has passed and I do not want to go back to my GP3, I hope I can continue to overcome the barriers and realize my dream of reaching Formula 1," he concluded.

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