Tatort: ​​Happiness alone: ​​How do you know actress Gerti Drassl?


In the “Tatort: ​​Glück alone” (2.6.) Impress especially the main episode actor as the multi-awarded South Tyrolean TV and theater actress Gerti Drassl (41, Austrian Film Prize, German Drama Award, etc.). In the “crime scene” she is seen as a mysterious Commissioner Julia Soraperra. Many German viewers are likely to know Drassl from the hit series “Vorstadtweiber” (since 2015).

In the first three seasons, she played the initially very naive and middle-class housewife and mother, Maria Schneider, who takes her life into her own hands during the series. In season four, “to be aired in the fall of 2019”, as it says on the official Instagram page, she is no longer at her own request. Maybe it works in the already announced fifth season again – their fans would certainly be happy.

Theater stars among themselves

Also an impressive performance delivers the Viennese actor Cornelius Obonya (50) as a manipulative politician in the “crime scene” from. He is like Drassl a celebrated and award-winning Austrian theater star. He was almost born in the cradle because he comes from a real actor dynasty.

Obonya is the son of actress Elisabeth Orth (83) and actor Hanns Obonya (1922-1978). His mother is the sister of actresses Christiane Hörbiger (80) and Maresa Hörbiger (74). His maternal grandparents are the castle actors Attila Hörbiger (1896-1987) and Paula Wessely (1907-2000). Incidentally, the grandson of Attila Hörbiger's brother Paul Hörbiger (1894-1981) is Christian Tramitz (63) and is also known as an actor …


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