Entertainment Tatyana Bulanova reported health problems: Music: Culture: Lenta.ru

Tatyana Bulanova reported health problems: Music: Culture: Lenta.ru

Singer Tatyana Bulanova told StarHit about her health problems after being discharged from the hospital.

“I got a cold, so I had to postpone the concert until May 24,” she said. Now the singer is being treated at home. According to her, while she did not pass the test for coronavirus, however, she can do it if necessary.

The artist is on self-isolation in her house in St. Petersburg and has been absent only once in the past month and a half – to shoot in Moscow. “I have no subsidies, financial payments,” the publication quotes the singer.

On April 11, it became known that Bulanova was hospitalized with a suspected stroke. Then she was taken to the intensive care unit of one of the hospitals in St. Petersburg. Later, she herself turned to fans and told her that she was feeling better, and the concert director of the singer Larisa Rasskazova said that the artist had a pre-stroke condition. After discharge, Bulanova admitted that she did not understand what she was to live on now. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, she has canceled many concerts, and she does not have a financial airbag.

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