Honored trainer of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova gave an interview to the YouTube channel “Home Alone” and told about life in conditions of self-isolation, her favorite poodle, a collection of turtles and tears on the air of the rental ambassador Yevgenia Medvedeva at the Olympics.

– Where and with whom are you quarantining?
– At the cottage with my assistant Adeline and the poodle Shurik.

– What household things do you do in the country? Are you planting something? Watering?
– I’m not planting anything, not watering, to be honest. I do not do gardening. I only love it when it’s all done. I have a lot of beautiful roses. Indescribable beauty. Even there are lilacs that got married with neighboring roses, I guess. I have a lot of apples.

– What sort of?
– A lot of different. She planted them herself.

“What are you doing with them?” Cook juice?
– We eat them, distribute, treat, cook jam, make stewed fruit, all kinds of pies.

– What is your favorite dish?
– Potato in any form.

– Are you listening to music?
– I have a lot of music. She must respond in everyone’s heart. I see how she will look on ice. Every day I listen, choose, put off, and so on in a circle.

– What song do you have in your heart?
– I love Alla Pugacheva’s work, almost all of her songs.

“You have a collection of turtles at home.” Where did such love come from?
– This is my talisman. The first one was presented to me by Yuri Ovchinnikov (USSR champion in figure skating. – Sport24). Now I have 500 pieces. They live here with me. Mom said: “It seems that you are not working with people, but in the zoo.” I love them very much. Friends and fans gave many gifts when they found out about this hobby.

– What is your quarantine schedule?
“I don’t live on schedule.” I live as a senior citizen. True, I have never been to her. I can afford to sleep longer. This is the most pleasant time for me to lie around, turn on the telly, read a book, watch something on the Internet.

My friend Zhenya Barankin (music critic. – Sport24) read Solomon Volkov’s Bolshoi Theater book. I get tremendous pleasure. I only watched the opera Carmen 13 times. The life of the theater is very exciting.

– You have a very active instagram. How did love for this social network come about and how much time do you devote to it?
– A friend helps me to instagram. Of course, I’m not worried because it helps. We discuss and put everything there that concerns me, everything that interests me. Maybe there is 10 percent extra information. Everything is mainly around competitions, around me: how I think, what I think.

– What do you miss most of all now?
– I miss human communication and our cold and damp air on the ice rink. I do not have enough training and athletes. Very worried about the guys. This is a big break in preparation. I understand that this situation will not end tomorrow. We come up with some ways to work on closed bases. We have them. As it is in China, and in France, and in Japan, everyone is skating now. Zhenya Medvedev went there. The show in which she was supposed to participate was canceled, but she has the opportunity to ride.

– Do you advise athletes on video communication?
– No. If my name is somewhere, then I come.

– Recently, a monument was erected to your father in front of the ice palace of CSKA. You said that this is your dream come true. What other dream do you have?
– I am very grateful to the people who helped to realize this dream. It turned out well that people were driving along Leningradka and honking out of cars. He is not there alone. I think he is very pleased.

Now I dream that we will get out of this unexplored disease. I also want scientists to invent a cure for cancer.

– Do you miss commenting? And on what aspect?
– I like live broadcasting, because the word is not a sparrow. And then, there’s a nerve on the air that cannot be expressed in words. Not because there is such a sense of responsibility for talking to the whole country, but it’s adrenaline anyway.

– Who is the most comfortable for you to comment on?
– I really liked to comment with Vasya Soloviev. Now I like to comment with Sasha Grishin, with Lesha Yagudin, with Maxim Trankov. I feel comfortable with Sasha. I miss Vasya because he is such a creative person. And I miss Anna Dmitrieva very much, because she once brought me to this work. And, of course, her one word is gold.

– Is there a moment from the live broadcast that you always remember?
– At the Olympics, I could not restrain myself, I cried a lot when Zhenya Medvedev skated. She skated so that she took out her soul as if from herself. She rolled away to tears. When a person has nothing else – everything that she could, everything until the last breath she gave to this program. And I cried a lot, and it was on the air.

Then we did not laugh, because we were very punished for these tears – they wrote all sorts of nonsense. And for me it’s just an act – the way she rides. I knew that she was in pain. And this does not mean that I did not love Alina. Some kind of stupidity.

– How are you doing with the English language?

– Now there is no one to talk to. I’m at the stage “Do you speak English? Just a little bit ”(“ Do you speak English? A bit. ”- Sport24).

– Do you know the specific terms of figure skating?
“I knew, of course.” The same counter (trick. – Sport24). My English is at the level of a person who will not get lost. I can ask, understand. I believe that the lack of knowledge of a foreign language is my main mistake in life. I do not suffer, because in the USA I have always been with Russian athletes. I had no time. Sasha Cohen and Johnny Weir understood the language, and I could talk to them. It was harder with the French and Italians, but they understood me. Especially when I told them: “If you work amazingly, I will let you go an hour earlier.” They applauded me all at once.

– What can you recommend exercises to do at home?
– Hook your legs on the battery and lift it back and forth. And vice versa, catch on. Do a few repetitions, then you can’t get up.

– And what kind of music is better to make?
– Which one do you like more and allows you to endure.

– What is your relationship with poodle Shurik?
– Good ones.

– Does he watch figure skating?
– He hates TV. Coaches from CSKA gave it to me when I lost my husband. I was in serious condition, and they decided to distract me with such a gift. He was three weeks old when he was brought.

– Whose riding do you like the most?
“I could advise you, but not on TV.” I can’t single out someone’s skating now. Other people may start asking me questions. I advise you to watch skating Yuzuru Hanyu and Nathan Chen. Our girls need to watch.

– Whom?
– Kostornaya is beautiful. It combines athleticism and choreography. Shcherbakova is a thin and airy girl who visits the quadruple Lutz. He is not all men succeed. And Trusova is our Russian rocket. She was the first to make the quadruple jump and opened the door to another world of figure skating.

– Will figure skating take a step back because of a pause?
– I would not want to. The Japanese, Chinese and Koreans are training the same.

– What good did you have from the last?
– A month of vacation – what’s wrong with that?

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