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Taurus – Tuesday May 19, 2020: an exciting stage in this new year of life | Taurus Horoscopes

Astrological newscast: the Moon is in your sign, Taurus, in the vibration of the one, which indicates the beginning of a cycle, a new stage. This is a peak day because between today and tomorrow your Taurus sign will end to start Gemini at different times and latitudes. The planets Venus, which is your ruler, Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto continue retrograde, The planet Uranus transits your sign.

At the end of your birthday cycle, precisely this peak day that coincides with the vibration of the one, a new year of life opens in front of you. Certain doubts that kept you restless are resolved and once again you are in control of your love life with more confidence in yourself and in your partner, the past, if there were problems, is history.

The extra time you invest in an organizational work activity on Tuesday will give you magnificent results next week. As this last stage of the month of May unfolds and therefore of your birthday cycle and new astral period you will notice a surprising turn in your life. Take away from you the nostalgic thoughts that spoil your sentimental landscape. It is not a day to remember sad things or unhappy past events.

Grow your money according to your zodiacal energy

As this post-birthday period, known as your new year of life, unfolds, you will feel more emotionally stabilized. No matter what has happened, what counts is what you live now, your sentimental reality solidifies every day and that is what counts, Taurus.

Your body will be reacting favorably to medications and therapies. A good linden tea, chamomile flowers or the application of natural substances based on fruits and vegetables is indicated for marching to the rhythm of nature.

You inspire confidence in your employers and with your productive capacity you can ensure the future success of your business in the place where you work. Maybe you start an extra shift or you have to change your house, address or travel.

Ritual to attract good luck


Money and fortune
You continue to move upward within your economic line and feel more confident of your potential to increase your economy. Your work is paying off and in a short time you will be receiving money and goods, especially as this stage of cycle one unfolds, which today involves you as you begin your new year of life.

Today’s astral biorhythm
Sexual energy level this Tuesday: intense.
Cosmic dynamics that you must take advantage of: the versatility that arises from the transit of Mars in the water element.
Today’s dangerous trend in your Taurus sign Tuesday: be influenced by comments and gossip.
What should I avoid ?: reaching subjective conclusions instead of analyzing the evidence well.
Quote of the day: uncompromising, fanatical and uncompromising attitudes are the product of poor intelligence, a narrow mind and a lack of broad vision of the world.

Clean to avoid bad vibes
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Couple prediction for today tuesday
Today’s best relationship: This Tuesday is a good day for you with the water signs, like Cancer and your opposite Scorpio.
The most tense relationship: it could happen with someone from Leo (fire element).
Your current compatibility: it is good with all signs in general although better with those of water and land,
If you are single or single: this new year of life that arises from this stage after your birthday cycle will bring with it the love to which you are a creditor.


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