Tax authorities wrongly send additional assessment for turnover tax Accountancy This morning

Due to a technical error, the tax authorities sent additional assessments for turnover tax for the 2nd quarter of 2021 or for June 2021.

This concerns entrepreneurs of whom the tax authorities wrongly believed that they did not file a turnover tax return in time for Q2 or June 2021. However, the entrepreneurs in question did receive a confirmation of receipt of their return by e-mail. The additional assessment is dated August 28, 2021. The tax authorities let you know that they will still process the declaration properly. Affected entrepreneurs will be notified about this later. Because the tax authorities have to process the returns manually, it can take a few weeks before entrepreneurs receive a message.

The Tax and Customs Administration states that entrepreneurs do not have to do anything and do not have to pay the fine.

read here the message.

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