Tax return: check boxes at the time of deduction of the source and Macron premium


Le Revenu helps you complete the 2018 tax return. (© Artelette)

Dividends, Macron Premium, business expenses, the white year, exceptional income … Income helps you make the right tax choices when submitting your tax return. What checkboxes? Which income to declare? Follow the guide.

For taxpayers whose tax situation is simple and does not change from one year to the other, the tax return may disappear. But not until 2020, according to the minister of action and public accounts.

For now, despite the white year and the withholding tax, everyone must declare the income for 2018. The task is not easy because you have to learn new rules and make choices. Here are some suggestions for not paying too much for a euro.

Current and exceptional income

Most of the 2018 earnings are not taxed, but all must be declared. In fact, the legislator has canceled the income tax of 2018 to prevent taxpayers a double tax burden in 2019 (start of withholding tax).

But you have to distinguish current receipts from exceptional receipts that do not know the white year. Bercy has established rules to differentiate them based on the income category.

To avoid unexpected effects, the legislator has identified a series of exceptional incomes (severance indemnity, pension benefits, etc.). It has even expanded the scope of any kind of income which, by its nature, is not likely to be collected every year.

Only for 2019, specific boxes are added to the declaration to be identified

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