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This will change in January 2019 for German taxpayers

Even in 2019, a tax return is again for most Germans. Here are some new rules for the consumer.

06.12.2018, 10:46

2019 income tax return: consumers must be prepared for some changes in the new year.

2019 income tax return: consumers must be prepared for some changes in the new year.

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With 2019 there are al tax declaration numerous changes to be observed

By 1 January 2019 must the Germans on some new rules – from the deadline for the declaration of income to the minimum wage for mini-workers. We show what everything changes.

Income Tax Return 2019 – You must know that now:

New income limits: The increase in all tax rates of 1.84%, explains the Nordrein-Westfalen consumer center. Therefore, the inflation rate of the year 2018 must be assessed in the tax rate.

Another objective of the new regulation, we read, is to offset the effect of cold weather. This would otherwise cause wage-related wage and salary increases, at least in part offset by higher tax burdens, consumer advocates said.

More allowances: Individuals have a basic allowance of 9168 euros from the income tax on January 1. This equates to 168 euros more than 2018. In the future married people will receive 18,336 euros, or 336 euros more than before. Up to this amount, income remains tax-free. To the same extent, contributions increase until taxpayers can deduct maintenance for close relatives as extraordinary charges.

The. Is also raised child-neutral allowance: Increase of 96 euros to 2490 euros per child and parent, explains the association of tax payers.

the Free allowance for childcare, education or training remains unchanged at € 1320 per child and parent exists. In total, a pair of children will receive a child allowance of € 7620 per child in 2019.

More time for tax return: From the 2018 fiscal year, each has two months of extra time for his tax return. Instead, as before, until the end of May, the documents, according to the NRW Consumer Center, in the future, always up to July 31st be presented.

A longer term is available even if a tax consultant or a tax assistance association helps. If the deadline for the 2017 declaration is still December 31, 2018, the income tax return for 2018 could now increase End of February 2020 delivered when a consultant is involved.

Less evidence: A relief for many taxpayers: with the tax return for the year 2018 they have no proof
send more. However, they must be canceled for one year because the tax office can request documents for so long.

Work tickets are tax free: Discounted work tickets are completely tax free since January 2019. This means that employees no longer have to pay for savings. The goal is to strengthen public transport. However, tax-free services are calculated based on the flat-rate distance tariff.

However, the work ticket is tax-free only if employees receive it in addition to the salaries already due, explains the United Salary Tax Service (VLH). On the other hand, if it is a deferred compensation, the tax exemption does not apply.

New non-monetary benefits for employees: If employees receive food from their boss, this can be considered as a taxable salary for the tax office. Decisive, according to federal taxpayers, are the so-called non-monetary benefits.

The value of a discounted or free meal, for example in a company canteen, from 2019 is € 1.77 for breakfast and € 3.30 for a lunch or dinner. So far, the values ​​were at 1.73 euros or 3.23 euros.

In addition, the values ​​for housing or rent increase: the non-monetary value for free accommodation in 2019 at national level is 231 euros per month.

New minimum wage also for mini-workers: Who is a mini entrepreneur
employee, must comply with the new minimum wage. It is 1 January 9.19 euros per hour, Employers must adjust the salary in case of doubt, explain the defenders of consumers. The problem: the earning limit of 450 euros per month must not be exceeded. Otherwise, the employment relationship will be subject to social insurance.

Even for pensioners changes a lot. 48,000 retirees will have to pay taxes in 2019.
If you have not yet submitted your tax return in the last few years, you must do it quickly, because at the 31st deadline for the old tax returns not yet issued expires.
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