Taxes: against fraud, Gerald Darmanin announces that the tax department will check social networks


TAXES – The tax administration will experiment next year by monitoring taxpayer accounts on social networks to combat tax fraud, says Gerald Darmanin in the Capital column, on M6.

"If your picture was taken several times with a luxury car when you can not afford it, maybe your cousin lent it, or maybe not." To combat tax fraud, the Minister of Action and Public Accounts Gérald Darmanin announced an unprecedented experiment: examining taxpayers' social networks.

"Detect the signs of a standard of living that is not up to date with the declared gains"

Guest of Capital, which will be broadcast on M6 this Sunday, Gerald Darmanin said that this experiment will be established "probably at the beginning of next year, together with the tax police" and other provisions foreseen by the law of 24 October.

This monitoring aims to analyze the data available on "personal accounts since they are public" on social networks. These data will be "observed by experimentation", in particular to detect the signs of an inadequate living standard of declared income. And the minister added: "We have all met people who tell us:" It is not normal, there are people who earn very little and have a way of life much higher than their income "The law was promulgated, we will apply this measure to the # 39; Beginning of the year ".

"We will be able to put social networks in a large database," added Gerald Darmanin, who believes that "often the French photograph themselves on social networks". He said that specific controls for social networks will be implemented in agreement with the CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Freedoms).



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