Entertainment Taylor Hanson and wife are expecting seventh child |...

Taylor Hanson and wife are expecting seventh child | NOW

Taylor Hanson, singer of the American band Hanson, is expecting a seventh child together with his wife Natalie.

Earlier, he and Natalie became parents of Jordan (17), Penelope (15), River (14), Viggo (11), Wilhelmina (11) and Claude (1).

“The best thing that can happen unexpectedly. Number seven is coming in December,” writes the 37-year-old singer on Tuesday. Instagram.

Hanson himself comes from a family of seven children. He and Natalie have been together for eighteen years.

The singer is best known for the song MMMBop, which he wrote with his brothers. His brothers, who are also in the Hanson group, also have large families. Zac Hanson (34) has four children and Isaac Hanson (39) has three.



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