Taylor Swift launches a riddle on Google: so you can solve the game and know the name of her new songs

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Taylor Swift will publish next October 27 1989 (Taylor’s Version)an album with new recordings of the songs that he included in his fifth studio album, released on the same date in 2014. The star has had Google to present a curious campaign with which he promotes this work and his unpublished songs.

By typing the singer’s name in the search engine, a safe appears on the screen from which different puzzles come out with letters and clues related to the artist. The company encourages its fans to “open the deposit”: “Join the global initiative to solve 33 million puzzles together and discover what is hidden inside.

Google admitted in a tweet on September 20 that he had had some problems with this mechanic working properly for a while: “Swifties, the tank is stuck!“. He did so with a message that included mentions of American songs, such as Blank space y Out of the woods.

fan accounts Taylor Swift on social networks they have spread the answers to the riddles that can be found in Google. According to the information shared, there are 89 different puzzles to unlock details about 1989 (Taylor’s Version).

Pop Base announces that the set goal of 33 million puzzles solved is expected to be reached on Wednesday, September 20, after which the titles of five new songs by the artist will be revealed. Some rumors suggest that one of them could be a collaboration with Harry Styles.

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