Taylor Swift: That's hidden behind the countdown


A new album? A world tour? Something completely different? For 14 days fans of pop superstar Taylor Swift (29) have been puzzling what a mysterious countdown could mean on their official homepage. This Friday (April 26th) the secret has been revealed. The answer: There is “only” a new single to admire.

This is about “ME!”, As the title reveals in capital letters. The accompanying music video is also already on YouTube and is based on proven Swift theatricality paired with a fairytale pastel look. Of course, the US-American can not resist taking on different outfits.

The 29-year-old alone is not responsible for the song this time, her duet partner is Brendon Urie (32) of the band Panic! at the disco. “ME!” may be seen as a guidepost for the upcoming songs of her new, yet unknown album, which will clearly stand out from Swift's gloomy “reputation” aesthetic in its color joy. And apparently with the usual success. In the first 20 minutes after the release, the earwig collected “ME!” Almost half a million views on YouTube.


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